Lions And Treaties – Why International Laws Are Useless

Lions And Treaties  – Why International  Laws Are Useless

We Need A Bold New Conservation Paradigm
I have said this many times in posts I’ve writtten – if our generations are the ones who fail the lions and the elephants – we will NEVER be forgiven – nor should we be. Open your eyes and your minds, speak up and get involved. When you travel never support lion or elephant tourism. Please read theses important articles below on lions and treaties.
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The Murder of Lions In South Africa

The Murder of Lions in South Africa

 800 Lion Bone Skeletons A Year From South Africa – Who Cares?
The Murder of Lions in South Africa – Social media has been buzzing with anger at this incomprehensible decision by South African Department of the Environment to promote the canned lion hunting industry, regardless of the environmental cost.
As the EIA points out in a splendid paper on this issue, it will adversely impact not only wild lions but also the few remaining wild tigers.
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Cub Petting And Getting Animal Welfare Onto The Agenda

Cub Petting And Getting Animal Welfare Onto The Agenda

Make NO Mistake – CACH Is Committed To The Lions

Cub Petting And Getting Animal Welfare Onto The Agenda – After a knee jerk reaction to the Captive Carnivore working group exploded on social media, Chris Mercer has written a thoughtful reply to the criticism. I urge you to read it and remain open minded. Think carefully about the South African Government who claims that – “compassion for animals is un-African.”
The response on social media to the inaugural meeting of our Captive Carnivore working group has been mostly condemnatory and often downright abusive. The main theme of the criticism is that cub petting and lion farming should be banned and anything less than that amounts to a betrayal of the lions.

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Animal Advocates Are Never Alone

Animal Advocates Are Never Alone

Our Numbers Are Growing

Animal Advocates Are Never Alone – It may feel that way some days and it’s easy to become discouraged and to feel that our voices are lost in the wilderness. But the end game remains the same. We must be the voices for those who cannot speak. Dan Richardson, a dediated animal activist, has shared his deeply personal thoughts about animal advocacy very eloquently. He encourages animal advocates to remember that there is always light.  As Leonard Cohen observed so beautifully, “There is a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in”. Thank you, Dan.

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Trading In Lion Bones For Money

Trading In Lion Bones For MONEY

Shame On All Those Involved

Trading In Lion Bones For MONEY – There is something macabre and evil about the thought of killing healthy, endangered or canned lions for their bones and then exporting them from South Africa – in part or as an entire skeleton to – China, Laos and Vietnam. There is money to be made so the consequences to the lion populations are irrelevant to those involved.

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A Year In Review At CACH

A Year In Review At CACH

2016 At CACH

A Year In Review At CACH – Chris Mercer – The year has been overshadowed by the unexpected illness and death of my partner Bev. The cancer struck in August last year but from the beginning of this year she was in and out of hospital. Her egregious suffering finally came to an end on 30th April. She was 68 years old.


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Youth For Lions

Youth For Lions

End Cub Petting – Lion Walks – Unethical Volunteering – Canned Hunting
Youth For Lions – many young people today care about, and are actively engaged in animal welfare issues, globally. Canned lion hunting is one of the ugliest sports in existence. Amy Webster is a passionate young woman who is making a difference and I’m pleased to have her as a Guest Writer on my blog A Beating Heart. Please read and share widely.  
Get involved – be someone who makes a difference. We can’t have a world without lions!
Guest Writer
Amy Webster
Amy Webster – Youth For Lions Campaign Driver – Amy is based in Hilton, South Africa. She recently graduated from the University of KwaZulu-Natal with a masters degree in Environmental sciences. Amy is passionate about animals especially animal welfare and when she was given the opportunity to be involved in this campaign she took it with both hands. Ideally, Amy would like to see an end to the captive breeding and canned hunting industry altogether.
Being a Youth campaign she is focusing on creating awareness, as Amy believes that if people knew the impacts of their actions they would not visit, play, cuddle or volunteer at these facilities. The Blood Lions team are working through tourism pledge, government, international community and youth to bring an end to this cruel unethical industry.

 Photo Credit: Blood Lions 


Blood  Lions™ is an award-winning South African documentary which sheds light on the South African predator breeding, canned hunting and lion bone trade industries. Following on from the success  of the film  Blood  Lions™ in association with the Marching Animal Welfare trust, Wildlands Conservation Trust and Regulus Vision  launched a new youth forced element to their campaign called YouthForLions 1st  September 2016. 

YouthForLions is a global movement aimed at informing and engaging the worlds youth around the realities of volunteering, cub petting, walking with lions and other forms of animal interaction, and their contribution to canned hunting. Our focus is creating awareness through school and university screenings.

For more information, please visit our site:


YouthForLions ambassadors:

Beth has written a blog about her time volunteering on a lion farm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Born to Live Wild campaign

YouthForLions invite all tourism operators to join them in committing to take the pledge to end the breeding, canned hunting and commercial exploitation of lions.

Access more information at

How to get involved 

Here are a few #GetInvolved actions points to get you started:

  1. Join our various social media pages:
  1. Download the YouthForLions toolkit to help get the message out and get you friends and family involved too. 

PowerPoint presentationto share with friends, family and fellow students. This link leads you to a PDF of the presentation.  Please contact to request the power point with support notes.

Printable posters –  to help spread awareness about the film or to advertise a screening, two options are available: – want-to-cuddle or don’t-be-caught-with-blood 

  1. Visit our website to see how you can help with hosting a screening, a presentation and more:
  1. Join our YouthForLions pledge: Sign our PLEDGE and SAY NO to animal interaction and facilities involved in the captive breeding and canned hunting industry. Download the YouthForLions Pledge and e-mail us your commitment to South Africa’s lions at:
  1. Access YouthForLions YouTube channel with short clips on the different aspects of the campaign that you may use to create awareness about canned hunting.

Get Involved And Make A Difference – You Meet Great People In Animal Activism