Rosemary Wright


I have worked as a Real Estate Agent for 30 years and I enjoy my career at Sage Real Estate Ltd. in Toronto. I started a Real Estate Blog in 2011 – so I know that it’s an effective and efficient means of communicating with other people – a really wonderful way to disseminate information!

I have a good life. I love animals – I care about the Earth – I give back where I can. I like to be helpful – to be part of the solution. I’m a long time pet owner. As a child I brought home strays of every stripe and injured turtles, birds and snakes.

I care about creatures who are at a disadvantage and have no rights and no voice. So I decided to start a Blog for animals and the problems they are facing around the world. The issues are complex, brutal and unrelenting.

It will take courage and determination to change long-standing  beliefs and behaviour but I believe that together we can accomplish miracles!