Decide To Make A Difference

Animal abuse globally has reached unprecedented levels. There is no animal – wild, domestic, or living within the confines of animal agriculture, the trapping and fur business, the circus/ rodeo/ entertainment circuits, the racing industry, the bull fighting industry, the poaching business, the animal brothel industry, backyard breeders and puppy mill owners, or the hunting sphere, to name a few – who is safe.

Anyone (governments included) who mistreats (or who deliberately allows the mistreatment) of animals is an abuser. Your race, religion, colour, creed, culture, gender, income, profession, level of education and nationality do not matter. If you are causing another sentient being to suffer because of your behaviour, whether in business or personally – you are an animal abuser and your actions need to be exposed. You are the psychopaths who walk amongst us!

Sadly, on a global level, the majority of animals are not extended the ‘right’ to adequate food, shelter, medical care, transport, safety, humane treatment and death in a dignified, pain free environment.

Of course, we have millions of people who dearly love the creatures with whom they share their lives, and these animals are the chosen few. But for the billions of other animals who suffer because of us – the animals have no respite.

Laws are inadequate, non-existent or poorly enforced. Profound ignorance has led humanity to believe in its own superiority. Many believe that animals do not suffer, feel pain, are not afraid, do not have families, cannot love and are expendable.

We all know that there are many things that individuals can do to create awareness and change. You can share articles, sign petitions, support animal charities, join a march or peaceful protest, adopt a pet, choose an animal free diet, refrain from wearing footwear and clothing made from animal products, boycott countries that openly support animal cruelty, write letters to your own governments and expose and boycott all companies who support animal cruelty.

I am going to start to preface every post that I do on social media and on my blog with: #exposeallanimalabuse – if you join me – we can keep making a difference. The need has never been greater, the cruelty has never been more egregious, the frequency of incidents has never been higher, the level of human ignorance and cruelty has never been as commonplace as it is today, and animals have never suffered on such a grand scale. The global animal community needs to pull together. Please get involved – your voice has never mattered more!