What do all living beings have in common? The beating heart that sustains my life is no different from the heart of an elephant, a bear, a tiger, a sword fish, an eagle, a dolphin, a whale or your beloved cat or dog. Sadly, a misguided belief in human superiority, has led many people and cultures to believe that animals and their brethren are “less than” we are, and therefore not entitled to kindness, care, protection, and a life free from cruelty and exploitation. We are wrong!

Look into the eyes of a living creature – the spark of life resides there. An animal can feel happy, safe and loved or sad, lonely and frightened. His soul longs to express itself – his body feels pain. The mother love of a red fox for her pup is no less worthy than that of a woman for her child.

It is time – that we as a global collective – say “enough” to cruelty, exploitation, the crush of baby Asian elephants, lax animal welfare laws, torture, bear bile farms, appalling factory farming methods, the brutal ivory trade, the shipment of live animals, puppy mills, fur farms, senseless animal fighting and the endangerment of all creatures. Animals world-wide need animal rights! We can make this happen if we just stand up together and demand change!


I started this Blog – as an antidote to the profound sense of despair that I’ve experienced as I see the animal crises throughout the world and the practiced lack of global government policies to solve them. The disregard for pain and suffering is appalling. Humanity is the common thread.

Education, awareness and action are everything.  Without them – nothing can or will change. I believe there is a universal yearning for enlightenment and kindness. Light is starting to shine, one ray at a time, on the darkness in the world. I have to believe that a brighter future is in store for our beautiful planet and our animals.

Because I was feeling that I no longer knew how to be in the world – this animal blog – A Beating Heart is my way of being part of the Light.

As Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797) so famously said:

“All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”

Rosemary Wright | www.abeatingheart.camail@abeatingheart.ca