All Living Beings Have One Thing In Common

                            A Beating Heart

Animals Are Not So Different From You And Me

They want to live – they like to play
They are capable of great love and joy
They feel pain and fear and desperation
They are brave and fierce and protective
They are grateful for a kindness bestowed
They will defend their young and their homes

This Blog is my way of bringing awareness to the myriad issues that face animals, as they interact with humans, in our fast paced and often very harsh world. It has been said that man was given dominion over animals. I believe that this mandate must include fairness, tolerance, kindness, caring and freedom from exploitation and suffering.  Sadly for many creatures this is not the case.

We can do better – I hope that this Blog will inspire you to become more aware – more involved and less willing to turn away when you see any injustice. There are many ways to take part in animal issues – please choose to help and while you’re at it – light a candle for an animal.


Light A Candle For Animals!


In The Face Of  Global, Political Chaos We Must Stand Together For Human Rights,

Animal Rights & The Protection Of Gaia – Our Magnificent Planet Earth.

Get Involved – Your Voice Matters!