An Animal Anthem – It’s About Time!

An Animal Anthem

Humans are attached to traditions and customs and symbols. We like to define ourselves, to be part of a known collective, to stand out, to be recognized. We like to be acknowledged for our success. We like to win. If animals could talk – I think they would tell us that a happy life is important to them as well. And I bet that just like us they’d like to belong and be recognized. Think about it …

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Pets – Does THis Mean I Have A Good LIfe?

Our Pets

I am sitting at the breakfast bar in my kitchen – watching my 3 dogs as they play in the garden. It’s a cold, sunny January day. They are running and jumping – pouncing on one another – darting this way and that – assessing their options – planning their moves. They are joyful, funny, healthy and well-loved. They are a pack – they are fortunate. My cat Ziggy sits contentedly beside me where he’s warm. He has no desire to go out in the cold but he likes to watch the doggie drama.

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