An Animal Anthem – It’s About Time!

An Animal Anthem

Humans are attached to traditions and customs and symbols. We like to define ourselves, to be part of a known collective, to stand out, to be recognized. We like to be acknowledged for our success. We like to win. If animals could talk – I think they would tell us that a happy life is important to them as well. And I bet that just like us they’d like to belong and be recognized. Think about it …

We define our countries with borders.

Within our borders – we create territories – provinces – states – areas – zones – cities and towns.

We have symbols and provincial animals and state flowers.

We have yearly events and celebrations and holidays.

We have sporting events and competitions and offer titles and trophies as rewards.

These things create great pride – they matter to us – they help us to define our societies. Interestingly enough – even as these things unite us nationally – they divide us individually and globally.  However there is one thing that brings us all together nationally and that is the anthem of our country.  We stand united with great pride when it’s played. Think of the winning athletes at the Olympic flag raising.

Well – it’s time for animals to have a global anthem, so when we hear it, we remember living creatures. From factory farmed pigs, to endangered tigers, to elephants, veal calves and homeless cats and dogs. We think of the plight of whales, we recall the smallest newt and the little green frog. We recognize animals and their challenges, the victories, the defeats and the struggles that define their lives. We remember the need for education, awareness and action to protect them. We stand with them and through the universal language of music and song – we give them a clear and powerful voice. 



I Need To Think On This Some More!