The Water Runs Red At Taiji Cove

The Water Runs Red At Taiji Cove

Save The Taiji Dolphins

The Water Runs Red At Taiji Cove – When you decide to stand up for animals and become an activist you know that you’re risking a broken heart and a troubled mind. You know there will be sleepless nights and images that will haunt your dreams. As you wake up in the morning to face another day – you reach deep into that beautiful soft place in your soul from which you draw your strength.

People Who Matter

Shelley Craig


You commitment to justice – your recognition of human cruelty and your passion to change things for animals enable you to persevere. A true animal activist will never give up  – it is a calling. 

I am privileged to know such a person. Shelley Craig has become my friend and fellow, stalwart crusader. When she sees a wrong she looks for a way to make it right. She knows that the dolphin slaughter at Taiji is wrong. Shelley is not a woman who sits on the sidelines waiting  for an opportunity to find her. She goes out and makes things happen.


As a talented singer and songwriter – Shelley knew that she could lend her voice in support of the tortured, brutalized, captured and murdered dolphins in Taiji, Japan. What is happening at Taiji is mortally wrong, environmentally unforgiveable, unnecessary, corrupt and cruel. The blatant destruction of entire pods of dolphin families is reprehensible. Japan is committing deliberate atrocities against sentient beings. The Japanese government is complicit. Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd and Ric O’Barry of Save The Dolphins are tireless warriors for the dolphins.

As a musician – Shelley knows that music is the universal heart of humanity. The lyrics – the melody – the beat and the chorus of a song draw us in and make us think.  The message of a song stays in our thoughts and can have a powerful effect on us. It motivates us – stirs our passion and stimulates our senses. It can make us want to get involved and lead us in new directions. Such is the power of music.

Listen To Shelley’s Song Below

Each night we pray for a Blue Cove. 


On Red Cove Days humanity is diminished.


Listen to Shelley’s song and then ask yourself what you can do for the dolphins.

The beautiful Spirits Of The Sea.

Save The Taiji Dolphins