Videos – Olivia Munn – Chinese Fur Farms. What Has She Seen?

Olivia Munn For PETA

Actress Olivia Munn’s heritage is Chinese. She did a video for PETA about fur farms in China – where there are no animal protection laws and no penalties for animal cruelty. Like most people  she was not aware of the brutality of the fur farming industry. The fur industries worldwide do a masterful job of hiding the dirty and vile secrets of this appalling business.

NOTE:  The video that Olivia Munn made for PETA in 2011 – is graphic and disturbing – so be advised before you watch it.

In 2012 and 2013 – fur unfortunately seems to be making a comeback – especially among affluent, young  people globally.  The ugly cult of celebrity worhip does not help – with many well-known people appearing at events draped in animal fur. They are role models (deservedly so or not) and many people emulate their behaviour. Without awareness – nothing can change.