Trophy Killers

Trophy Killers – There is something inherently disgusting about the killing of the magnificent animals in Africa. Not that trophy hunting in any country is acceptable – it is not – but the countries in Africa have so many challenges to deal with from corrupt governments to – poverty – to climate challenges and unrest – it seems incredible that their leaders would be so short-sighted as to allow the slaughter of the very animals that fuel the beneficial tourist trade and bring people from all over the world to visit.

As to the “hunters” – these perverse men and woman who seek the “high” from killing animals – are not hunters. They wouldn’t know an animal “track” from a pot hole. They are rich, pampered, entitled, selfish shells of humanity with hearts as black as hell. They are cowards – every one of them. They claim that they love animals and that they are “conservationists” and that they care about Africa. But show them the male lion of a pride or the biggest bull elephant or the tallest giraffe – and they can’t wait to bring out their big guns with the fancy high-powered scopes and blaze away like John Wayne – pumping the innocent animal full of bullets.


Once dead – their quarry bleeding and  broken on the ground – they strut around like the fools that they are congratulating themselves on the “hunt” and having their photos taken with their great, dead wild beasts. I fault them – their governments for allowing them to bring home these trophies of tragedy – the host countries and their governments and all people who work in the heinous trophy hunting industry.

You can bet that if there were “human” trophy farms that these idiots would be there blazing away like mad men. But put these cowards in a fighting ring  – take away their guns and bows and they would be blubbering in the corner and whimpering – “don’t hurt me”.

The following story is particularly disturbing.


 Animal Shame


I now have the sickening footage of the shocking moment a sleeping elephant in Zimbabwe was woken up by American trophy hunters and shot before it had the chance to even get to its feet. The killing was part of an American hunting TV show called “Mojo Outdoors TV”. I posted pictures of the killing before but as there was no footage I was accused of lying and the trophy hunting world tried to say that a trophy hunter would never do something like that, well here is the footage and you can see for yourself.
Trophy hunters call themselves “sportsmen” and constantly try to give out the image that they are gentleman hunters, when in reality they are nothing but sadistic blood lust killers who get off on killing animals that have no chance of defending themselves against groups of heavily armed men with high-powered weapons. In the footage you can see how they had first spotted another elephant sleeping but decided not to kill that one as the tusks were not big enough. They then walk a little further and found another one from the same herd also sleeping.
The tusks were much larger and so they decided to kill that one, as the bigger the tusks on an elephant is better for the ego’s of trophy hunters. The presenter, a man named Terry Dermont says that he was given the option to shoot it as it was sleeping, but he declined. Instead he and the professional hunters/trackers made some noises and when the elephant woke up and tried to get on its feet, he opened fire. The elephant runs away as bullets tear through its body. When the elephant falls to the ground the professional hunter says that they should smoke a cigarette and let it die.