The Small Things

The Small Things

It Is So Easy To Be Kind

The Small Things – The three water stations I created in my garden this past July took me half an hour to set up. They required a twice daily top up of fresh, cold water. Birds love to splash in the summer when it’s really hot. They get right down in the water, and fan their wings like crazy, sending water droplets flying in all directions. The birds, bees, wasps, and dragonflies found the water immediately. The stations were always busy. It made me think of how difficult it is, for birds and small animals in a city, to find water when it’s a blistering, hot day.

The squirrels, and some small field mice came as well, once they found a ready source of cool water. Now that November is days away, I will convert two of the water stations, to bird seed feeders. I’ll keep one source of water until the freezing weather comes and the little creatures can eat snow. Watching the birds during the summer, became a welcome break in my busy days, and gave me great joy. At times there were 25 to 30 birds, jockeying for space at the hanging station. At the water bowl on the white bench they were a more refined group of birds, less pushy, and not nearly as vocal. I imagined what a relief it must have been for them to know where to quench their thirst. They came  early in the morning and the last birds left well past dusk.


I started to think about how easy it is to be kind, and how small things, have a huge impact in life. There are so many ways we can make a difference in the lives of other beings. If you start to think that one person can’t make a difference, you are already defeated. Do some of the following things, for the beings with whom we share the planet. It makes a difference to them, and in the process, you start to feel darn good about yourself.


Small Acts Of Kindness That Make A Big Difference 

Put water stations out in the summer for birds and animals.
Feed the birds and squirrels in the winter.

Put up a bird house or two in your garden.
Put a small, stone filled water station out for bees, wasps and dragonflies.


Visit a shelter dog.
Walk a shelter dog.

Adopt a shelter dog or cat – don’t buy a puppy or kitten.
Foster a homeless cat or dog until a forever home can be found.


Walk an elderly neighbour’s dog.
Donate twenty dollars a month to an animal charity.

Organize a fund raiser for an animal organization.
Sign animal petitions – it take 15 seconds – and has a big impact.

Report any cruelty you witness. Don’t intervene yourself – call the police.
Rescue spiders out of bath tubs, sinks and pails.

Put dew worms, stranded on the sidewalk after a heavy rain, back on the grass.
Get involved in an animal cause that touches your heart.


Write letters to your government representatives about issues that are important to you.
Go to an animal vigil – bear witness on their behalf.

Attend a march for a cause you believe has merit.
Become someone who makes a difference.


Your Involvement Make A Difference

If We All Took The Time To Do The Small Things

We Would Change The World Forever

 This Is The Power Of The Individual

Never Forget It …