Taking The Wild Out Of Wildlife

Taking The Wild Out Of Wildlife


Taking The Wild Out Of Wildlife – With the recent uproar from animal activists around the world following Donald Trump’s declaration that he was going to once again allow the importation of big game trophies from Africa into the USA it is only a matter of time before all African wildlife will be in the crosshairs of hunters – I use the word lightly because we know how these cretins hunt – please read Chris Mercer’s recent post. When all the wildlife is gone will hunters be allowed to factory farm exotic animals to kill them? Read Chris Mercer’s post below and then Google the article from the New York Times. It is important.

Chris Mercer

The KarooWildlife Centre

Is this the bold new conservation paradigm or a dystopian world unfit for decent people?

I refer to the article on canned hunting ranches in Texas published in the New York Times. Google the article:

Does the breeding and hunting of exotic animals help ensure species’ survival?
Do hunters love the animals they kill?
Are hunters conservationists?
Does hunting fund conservation?

Since these questions refer to long- cherished hunting propaganda claims, it is worth putting them in context.

Imagine if Texas ranchers were to offer hunts for domestic livestock such as sheep and cattle. Would the American public tolerate landowners allowing hunting thugs to trundle around their ranches shooting arrows and bullets into helpless livestock?

Does it really change the context that the animals being killed in canned hunts are blackbuck from India or lions or impala antelope from Africa? Surely not. Once the wild has been taken out of wildlife and the animals have been domesticated and are now being raised as alternative livestock, I would argue that the context is the same as shooting arrows into sheep?

How ethically illiterate does one have to be to even consider the claims made in hunting propaganda, when the context is so clearly offensive to anyone with an ounce of compassion in his/her nature.

This NYT article is well worth the read.
Chris Mercer
Campaign Against Canned Hunting
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