Stop The Badger Cull In The U.K.

Stop The Badger Cull In The U.K.

Killing Is NOT The Answer

Stop The Badger Cull In The U.K. – People with small minds and no imagination almost always resort to “killing”as the answer to most areas of conflict between Nature and human kind. In the U.K. – home of pomp and circumstance – red jacketed fox hunters and boot stomping over the moors macho men – it is no different. Hang the science – forget that culls are very rarely successful and incredibly expensive – let’s just go and kill animals!

How Shameful!

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A Badger Cull that is being proven to be ineffective and costly and A Fox Hunting Ban that is being ridden roughshod over. If you love our Great British Wildlife and are concerned about the terror they face, please be informed before you vote!

Please join us in a Tweet Storm on May 6th to raise awareness about the cruelty behind the culls and the costs to the tax payers. The Hunting Ban that is not a ban for some unfortunate Foxes – ripped apart by dogs –  if they “happen” to be in the vicinity of a “trail” marked out with fox urine for the Hounds.

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