Stop The Dog & Cat Meat Trade – Why Is Toronto Marching

Stop The Dog & Cat Meat Trade – Why Is Toronto Marching

Stop The Dog & Cat Meat Trade – Why Is Toronto Marching. We are highlighting the barbaric dog and cat trade around the world on April 4, 2015. This trade is often illegal – inhumane and savage. The willful and intense torture of these animals – done with a casual attitude and in the name of cultural tradition – is wrong and must be addressed and stopped. There is a belief that the more an animal suffers as it dies – the more tender and delicious the meat will be!

Did you know that it is “legal” to sell and serve dog and cat meat in Canada as long as the animal has no diseases and is killed in front of a “Federal” inspector. With the current state of our animal laws in Canada and the appalling cruelty in our accepted factory farming methods – WHAT are the chances that a dog or cat is going to be killed for the kitchen pot in front of a Federal inspector in Canada?

Logic dictates – that with the incredible diversity of cultures in Canada that there is undoubtedly an active underground dog and cat meat market in Canada. These animals will not be killed in front of a Federal inspector in any “acceptable” manner!

It is a simple fact that millions of Canadians are pet owning and animal loving people. The thought of putting Rover or Puff on the barbie or in a pot of boiling water is repugnant to us. 


However there are cultures where the consumption of dog and cat meat is common place. In many of the countries where the trade is illegal or unregulated it is still a controversial issue due to the unimaginable cruelty involved. Animal protection laws are usually non-existent. If they are in place – the laws are weak and enforcement is rare.

The abuse – torture – suffering and slow deaths of the animals are barbaric. Many of the cats and dogs are stolen pets who once knew a full belly, a kind hand and a warm bed.

Dog and cat meat is a sought after dish in these countries – to name a few:

Korea – Mexico – China – Philippines – Taiwan – Vietnem – Africa – Indonesia – Thailand – Polynesia – Hawaii – some other states in the USA – in parts of Switzerland – in places in Canada – Bali and Laos.

It is Estimated That Over 25,000 Million Dogs And Cats Are Slaughtered Every Year For Human Consumption

There Is A Growing Animal Advocacy Movement In Many Asian Countries

Some people argue that eating dogs and cats is no different than consuming factory farmed animals in so-called “civilized” societies. However there is something barbaric and sinister in the way that dogs and cats are housed – force fed – transported – caged and slowly and deliberately tortured – that makes the perpetrators of this cruelty seem ghoulish and inhuman.  The fear over time of the animals is staggering. The suffering is deliberately prolonged and intense.


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Because The Dog Meat Trade Is No Way To Treat A Friend