The Power Of The Written Word

Poetry – Just as a song can draw up into its melody and connect us to the power at its core – a well crafted poem can deliver a  message of hope, despair, humour, love, honour, kinship or compassion. A poet can move us to tears or laughter and with just one phrase – transport us to a time long past or an event about to take place.

Poems don’t need to be long or short – comical or serious – motivational or inspirational. The beauty of a poem is that it can just “be”. It serves no master and has no agenda.  A poem just looks out at the world – from its place on the written page – and allows us to interpret its message from the perspective of our individual life experiences. As has been so insightfully said – “no two people ever read the same book” – the same is true of poetry.


Since starting A Beating heart I have written some poems to accompany a post that was important to me. I’ve also had the privilege of sharing some work penned by people far more talented than I can claim to be. These works now have a place to call home on my Blog and can be found on a day when a message of encouragement is needed. Be open to the unexpected …

The Night Of The Freezing – 2014

These few words are for them – so in death – they know they are never forgotten. The name of the dog chained to the wall was Angel. I will always remember her!


The Night Of The Freezing:

“It was the night of the freezing

When all through the land

Doggies lay dying

With no helping hand.

The owners sat snug and warm in their homes

While judges complained about old legal tomes

The puppies were crying – their little pink pads

Turned purple with frostbite – these poor little lads.


Their mothers sat helpless – chained to the bone

While whimpers turned silent – now cold as a stone

Some humans cried foul – these deaths must all stop

But others just shrugged and said “go call a cop”.

frozen 1

By morning the snow coats a silent sweet hound

Where life had once sparkled – no longer a sound

And humans now rise and stretch in the dark

On a day when we’re missing another sweet bark!

Rosemary Wright