Poetry – My Last Moments


The Power Of The Written Word

Poetry – My Last Moments – Just as a song can draw us into its melody and connect us to the power at its core – a well crafted poem can deliver a message of hope, despair, humour, love, honour, kinship or compassion. A poet can move us to tears or laughter and with just one phrase – transport us to a time long past or an event about to take place.

Poems don’t need to be long or short – comical or serious – motivational or inspirational. The beauty of a poem is that it can just “be”. It serves no master and has no agenda.  A poem just looks out at the world – from its place on the written page – and allows us to interpret its message from the perspective of our individual life experiences. As has been so insightfully said – “no two people ever read the same book” – the same is true of poetry.

My Last Moments

By – Rosemary Wright

When I was small and had no say

My life was changed one dreadful day

My fault they say – I didn’t obey

So again and again I had to pay

Confined and beaten – starved and alone

My heart is defeated – I’m raw to the bone

My will fails me – my strength is done

I see the flash of the knife and I watch the gun

My death is near – the pain now sweet

My spirit surrenders in total defeat

My breath is slow – ragged and lost

My body sags – can’t you see the cost?

I know in my soul as I cease to feel

My broken parts can start to heal

I’m flying now

I’m running now

I’m swimming now

I’m free …