Pig Tales by Iggy Oink – 77

Pig Tales by Iggy Oink 77

Pig Tales by Iggy Oink – 77 – Iggy Oink would like you to know that he has another great Iggyism for human peoples to ponder. You see it all comes back to you. You have been abusing animals for so many centuries without thinking that you feel that it is “normal”. Well – it’s not. Why do you have a right to your life while we are tortured and gutted? Start connecting the dots about life peoples or your species will not survive!



     H – harming

    A – animals

           M – mercilessly

You Imprison And Kill Us With No Thought

Why you are eating us in the first place when we are such wonderful beings?

How Can You Deliberately Hurt Any Of Us?

We Would Never Treat Human Peoples This Way!

These pigs were hooked alive and then had raw sewage pumped into their stomachs so they would weight more when they reached market and get more money for the “farmer”. And humans have the audacity to call themselves civilized!