Pig Tales by Iggy Oink – 54

Pig Tales by Iggy Oink – 54

Pig Tales by Iggy Oink – 54 – Iggy Oink is quite frankly exhausted from talking to you human peoples all week. He’s not even sure if you understand what he is saying and that is very frustrating. Sigh! So he has decided to write another poem and then come back next week and start all over again. As you know Iggy Oink does not work on the week-ends – this is a time for piggie play! 



Poem 2

By Iggy Oink

Tra La – Tra La – Tra La 

I was walking down the street

When perchance I looked at my feet

And I thought they are not meat

They are trim and cloven and neat

So as I skipped along

I thought of a beautiful song

With verses sweet and long

But I can’t sing – because I am a pig!

Tra La – Tra La – Tra La

The End

PIG 29