Pig Tales by Iggy Oink – 37

Pig Tales by Iggy Oink – 37

Pig Tales by Iggy Oink – 37 – Iggy Oink is reminding you that pigs are really happy, curious animals who love their siblings and babies. Sows make a nest for birthing and sing to their piglets when they are nursing if they are allowed to. Like any mother – a pig will protect her young to the death. Otherwise pigs are gentle, clean, smart and affectionate animals. 

PIG LOGO - LARGEIggy is asking you to remember that clever “marketing” people have reduced pigs to a commodity known as “pork products”. Have a look at these pictures if you really want to open your eyes to the fact that each and every pig is an individual creature – who dreams just like you do! This year – in China alone – 680 million pigs will be slaughtered!

Can You See A Little Being Here Who Enjoys His Life & Wants To Live?



PIG 12