The Pata Zoo – Bangkok Thailand

The Pata Zoo – Bangkok Thailand

Slavery Is Not Species Specific

The Pata Zoo – Bangkok Thailand – Animals in a zoo are NOT an educational display – they are a tragedy. As Abraham Lincoln so aptly said ” Those who deny freedom to others do not deserve it themselves”. Spoken in the mid 1800’s about the human slave trade in the USA – these words have  a compelling truth to them when placed along side any circus or zoo in modern times.

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Cody Correia and Giselle Kuchirka

Mindful Wanderlust


We are inveterate global travellers and seasoned bloggers at Mindful Wanderlust. We recently spent an agonizing day at the Pata Zoo – on the top two floors of an old downtown building in Bangkok, Thailand. The conditions are deplorable. The horribly neglected and confined animals have no stimulation and are lacking basic, decent care.

Please take a moment to watch our short video and then sign the petition. Let Thailand know that you are aware that this is wrong and then make your tourism decisions accordingly.