My Path To Animal Activism

My Path To Animal Activism

Was Blind – But Now I See

My Path To Animal Activism –  I became consciously aware of the extent of global animal cruelty and serious environmental issues in 2006. In the intervening years what I have learned has changed me and altered the path of my life. I am a different woman today because I listened to the calling of my heart.

There is a popular saying in rescuing and advocating for animals – “I lost my mind but found my soul”. Powerful words and more accurate than I could ever have imagined. I didn’t really see myself as an activist or a crusader – but I have become one.

I am deeply emotional about and passionately devoted to the cause of animals. I understand the necessity of creating awareness about the plight of abused, neglected, factory farmed, hunted and exploited animals throughout the world. They have no respite from the appalling cruelty visited upon them by people.

Individuals, corporations, criminals, hunters and governments are involved in this systematic devastation of entire species and the appalling cruelty to animals. What these people fail to acknowledge is what all animal activists know – all living beings have one thing in common – the beating heart that sustains human lives is no different from the heart of an elephant, a bear, a tiger, a sword fish, an eagle, a dolphin, a whale or your beloved cat or dog.

Sadly, a misguided belief in human superiority, has led many people and cultures to believe that animals are “less than” we are, and therefore not entitled to kindness, care, protection, and a life free from cruelty and abuse. We are wrong!

Look into the eyes of a living creature – the spark of life resides there. An animal can feel happy, safe and loved or sad, lonely and frightened. His soul longs to express itself – his body feels pain. The mother love of a red fox for her pup is no less worthy than that of a woman for her child.

It is time – that we as a global collective – say “enough” to cruelty, exploitation, the crush of baby Asian elephants, lax animal welfare laws, torture, bear bile farms, vivisection, appalling factory farming methods, the brutal ivory trade, the shipment of live animals, puppy mills, fur farms, senseless animal fighting and the endangerment of all creatures.

Animals world-wide need animal rights! We can make this happen if we just stand up together and demand change!

As I learned about global animal issues I started to feel that I no longer knew how to “be” in the world. I realized that I needed to make a contribution to animals and that my ability to write was my way of becoming more involved. I started to plan my animal awareness blog in January and launched in on February 14, 2013.

A Beating Heart is my way of being part of the Light. This blog is my antidote to the profound sense of despair that I was experiencing with each new appalling story of animal cruelty. Animals are in crisis throughout the world – and governments refuse to enact policies to solve these documented concerns. The disregard for the pain, suffering and victimization of animals is appalling.

In Canada – September 2016 – our federal Governent defeated a bill suggesting a few changes to animal welfare. I am ashamend of these Canadian men and women who voted for the status quo.

Humanity is the common thread. Education, awareness and action are needed and without them – nothing can or will change. I believe there is a universal yearning for enlightenment and kindness. Light is starting to shine, one ray at a time, on the darkness in the world.

I believe that a brighter future is in store for our beautiful planet and our animals. I know that I am right – I feel it in every fibre of my being and I will never give up trying to shed light on the darkness in which millions and millions of animals live and die.

In following my passion I have met incredible animal activists – personally and online – in dozens of countries around the world. I am proud to know them and to share the fight in this noble cause of animal activism.

As Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797) so famously said:
“All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Animal Activists Are Changing The World.

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