Making A Difference For Whales And Dolphins

Making A Difference For Whales And Dolphins

Three Men And One Women With A Common Passion

Making A Difference For Whales And Dolphins – what happens when Maho Cwejman from Sweden – Uli Sharbinie  and Andry Lavigne from Indonesia and R.w. Cory from the USA are chatting one night on Facebook? They find out that they share a common passion – CETACEAS.

Cetology is the branch of marine science that deals with marine mammals – whales – dolphins and porpoises – hence Cetaceas. As we all know – the plight of these incredible mammals is a bleak one – the slaughter is relentless – the protections are slim or not enforced. We all have seen the images of the Japanese whaling fleets in the Antarctic sanctuary – the Faroe Islands killing of whales and the brutal dolphin slaughter at Tajii.

And so our intrepid, late night  foursome came up with the idea of World Peace Origami for Ceta

May 5, 2014


Maho said – “I can’t remember the exact day when we came up with this idea. It was the begining of this month – when we decided that origami dolphins and whales could be used to promote peace and help to overcome the tragedies of the past. We hope that in the future – that no more dolphins and whales will be slaughtered or become prisoners in captivity. Please share your concerns and your love of all dolphins and cetacea – through your origami message – World Peace Origami for CETA.

World Peace for CETA –  This is to remind people that the ocean is one of the world’s most precious treasures. The message is to bring awareness to our global neglect of caring for our Mother Ocean – and in particular, the second most intelligent mammal on earth – the dolphin and the whale. Our hope is that worldwide there will be FREEDOM from our outdated thoughts of how we treat Mother Ocean – so she can be preserved for generations to come through our messages of PEACE.
We the people of mother Earth seek to promote the well being of all beings on earth and in the clear waters. WE hereby ask all of you to join us in this world wide Art Project. By sharing the making of origami art – we also hope that this “art for world peace” will help to end the madness of greed. We pray that by sharing love and a greater understanding that it will help all civilzed people to share love for all beings.”
About This Event –  World Peace for Ceta –  We are going to create a monument that will be a powerful message and a symbol of love for cetaceas. This monument is an independent project – it will be not influenced by any politics or by the egos of human beings. We are participating because we care. This monument will be created by all of you! 
This is a great project for families – for adults – and for teachers and school children!
It consists of thousands of pieces of origami art.
1)  Create dolphin and whale origami. You can make as many as you want. You can write a short message on your origami: # Dolphins belong to the sea, love from Maho Cwejman, japan # Save the dolphins , from Andry, Indonesia # Say No to Captivity dolphin, from Rw Cory, USA # Etc.
2)  When you finish your origami please – send it to Izumi Ishii.
3)  We will store our Origami in Ishii sun’s place to keep it safe until we get as many pieces as are needed to create a huge water fall of origami.
MAILING ADDRESS –  To: Izumi Ishii 1301-60 Futo, Ito-City, Shizuoka 413-0231, Japan