I’ll Have A Leg Please!

When It Comes To Any Issue – Always Follow The Money!

Raising awareness is the only way that change can happen. So if you care about animal welfare don’t turn away – learn the truth. Many countries claim – “but this is part of our cultural heritage”. Well, as we all know, slavery was once an acceptable part of life in the USA. Fortunately – enough people recognized that it was wrong, their was a change in beliefs and slavery came to an end. These same shifts need to happen with reference to animal issues around the world.

NOTE: Some Pictures or Content May be Graphic or Disturbing To Younger or Sensitive Readers

If you are sitting in a restaurrant in China – Thailand – Vietnam – South Korea or  The Phillipines you might well hear these words – “I’ll have a leg please”.  Dogs are routinely consumed by patrons of restaurants and open air food markets in all these countries. Those of us who adore our pets are horrified. But make no mistake – in these countries – the illegal dog meat trade is a thriving, very lucrative business. Even though laws do exist in some, but not all, of these countries – they are routinely ignored – there are no consequences and the cruelty is horrific. Millions of dogs are slaughtered every year for human consumption.

In many Asian countries where pet ownership is becoming popular but where dogs are still allowed to roam freely – a much loved pet – can still end up in a crude crate on a truck headed for a dog meat market. For instance, of the estimated 130 million dogs in China, up to a third of them may lose their lives to this trade. Cats are not immune. There is also a cat meat trade with the same level of brutality.  

NOTE: Some of the pictures are disturbing.

Many organizations world-wide are working to end this brutal trade. To name a few – Animals Asia – PETA – WSPA and Humane Society International. If you care – you can help by spreading the word or making a donation.

Imagine the pain and fear!


Crammed into cages and loaded on trucks.


A journey with no food – water or ability to move can take up to 3 days!


The sad reality is that this kid probably needs the job!

A vendor skins dogs at a food market in Nanjing

 People Routinely Deny The Horrors Of This Cruel Trade. They Are Very Real.