Horses – The Sport of Kings!


Yes – the dog is man’s best friend – but has there ever been a more noble friend to man than a horse? It is believed that horses were first domesticated around 4000 BC. There are currently more than 300 breeds of horse worldwide. There are both a herd animal and a prey animal – so they can startle or bolt easily. Horses are creatures of habit and they like routine.

NOTE: Some Pictures or Content May be Graphic or Disturbing To Younger or Sensitive Readers

Horses learn when reinforced positively and sadly when trained in negative ways. A healthy, well-looked after horse can live for 25 to 30 years, and in a happy environment, can enjoy a strong bond with his owner. A horse’s 4 gaits are the walk – trot – canter and gallop. There are few things in the animal world more exquisitely beautiful than watching a horse running freely at a full gallop.

The Arabian


Over the millenia horses have been ridden as a means of transportation – used to pull carriages – as beasts of burdern – as draft and plough horses and in countless wars and military campaings. They compete as racehorses at the track – are beautiful pets – can be status symbols – and are magnificent at dressage horses, steeplechase and hunting events. They are The Sport of  Kings for the wealthy. One of the reasons why many people find the slaughter of horses for meat so abbhorent is because of their long history as uncomplaining servants to mankind.

The Quarter Horse


The Clydesdale


We are fascinated by horses and mnay people find the recent productions of War Horse – both as a film and on stage  to be incredibly compelling. We have watched enthralled and wept over movies like Black Beauty – National Velvet – The Man From Snowy River – The Horse Whisperer – My Friend Flicka – Phar Lap – Sea Biscuit and  Secretariat.

Unfortunately, as with all animals, they are not immune from human cruelty. Wild mustangs are subject to aerial hunts, horse are gelded with no anaesthesia, they endure cruel training methods at racetracks and events like the Tennessee Walking Horse competitions. Their heads are forced into a cruel position at dressage events. They are starved, neglected, whipped and beaten by unscrupulous owners. 

In Dressage events – Rollkur – also known as hyperflexion, is a very controversial technique. It is used by some riders in dressage shows and by some Olympic riders. It is a  training  technique in which the horse is ridden with its nose tucked into its chest and held there by the force of the rider’s hands applying pressure through the bit. Believers in this technique say it supples and stretches the horse’s neck, thereby raising and strengthening the animal’s back. It is a very unnatural posture for a horse and is thought to make breathing difficult for the animal and to challenge his balance. Proponents also like the exaggerated and flashy knee action that a horse uses to compensate for his body being forced into an unnatural position.

A horse forced into Rolkur is completely controlled by his rider. Wouldn’t you like to strap the rider’s chin to his chest and then tell him to perform at his best. This smacks of cruelty to me!


 Be a horse’s champion and always report abuse and neglect.

A Horribly Abused and Neglected Horse


 Wild Mustangs – Unreasonably Hated By Many Ranchers 


The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us into contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and fire.

… Sharon Ralls Lemon