Horse Slaughter Is Flourishing

Horse Slaughter Is Flourishing

It is illegal to kill horses in many parts of the USA for their meat but horse slaughter is flourishing. What on earth to do with race horses who can no longer win? And all those unwanted, abandonned and no longer useful – but still profitable horses?  Well for heaven’s sake – just send them to Canada and Mexico – who happily throw open their borders to truck loads of terrfiied horses. That’s where to make some money. The animals are shipped in brutal conditions and killed with no compassion. Sound familiar?

NOTE: Some Pictures or Content May be Graphic or Disturbing To Younger or Sensitive Readers



The meat is then shipped to Europe and Asia where it is conveniently named:

Equine     Viand de Cheval     Colt Steak     Sakura  …  to name a few of the words designed to “distance” the consumer from the picture of  a proud and beautiful horse prancing around a green meadow, tossing his mane and flicking his tail.

Slaughter houses are places of unyielding cruelty and evil. Every animal who is prodded through the door and onto a shute or into a kill pen, experineces hell before it draws a final breath. It doesn’t need to be this way. Those who do care must stand up and be heard. It is no longer acceptable to say “oh don’t tell me that – don’t show me that – I don’t want to know”.  So horse slaughter is flourishing and will continue to do so until we say “enough”.

Humanity needs to reach the tipping point where animal cruelty is no longer accepted. Laws need to change. Perpetrators need to be held accountable. Crimes need to be punished. We need to do better – we need to be better. One such young person who knows this is Rachel Distefano.

Rachel Distefano is the 17 year old daughter of Paul and Christine Distefano. They run Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue in New York State. Rachel is passionate about horses and has bravely taken on the controversial issue of horse slaughter. She posted this audio-video on You Tube this year to create awareness about this divisive topic. Horse slaughter is flourishing and thank you Rachel for speaking out. Your parents must be incredibly proud of you and you should be proud of yourself!