Happy Fourth Birthday ABH

Happy Fourth Birthday ABH

A Re-Cap Of Year 4

Happy Fourth Birthday ABH – My animal awareness blog – A Beating Heart is four years old today. I launched it on February 14, 2013 – a nod to the day of hearts and love and in recognition of the often forgotten fact that every sentient being has “A Beating Heart”. Never question that: We love – They love. We feel – They feel. We grieve – They grieve. We play – They play. We cry – They Cry and We suffer – They suffer!  

Humanity has no singular claim to an emotional, spiritual and physical existence. 

The Smallest Contribution To Animal Activism Anywhere In The World

Is Incredibly Important

In light of the global, political chaos that the world is experiencing – it is more important than ever for people to get involved in political, environmental, human and animals rights issues, protests, marches, petitions, letter-writing campaigns and legal, peaceful forms of protest. 

It is NOT a time for apathy, laziness, surrender, self-interest or a lack of regard for our political process, our fellow citizens, our animal friends and the environment. People have incredibe power when they stand up, organize and raise their voices in a common cause.


Do What You Can

Pick a cause – invent a cause – rescue an animal – make a donation – sign and share petitions – go to events – join a march – adopt a pet – support an animal charity – talk to friends – be willing to change.

The challenges animals face are greater than ever – the need for awareness has never been more pressing. Governments continue to be disengaged in the need for animal rights. 

We have choices. We can ask questions. We can refuse to buy the products of offending companies and corporations. We can expect and demand answers. We can join forces with like-minded people. Governments work for us and it is time that they are held accountable:

This Year A Beating Heart Has Continued To

Write and publish blog posts about animal issues all over the world.

Promote marches – protests and events whenever possible.

Post things to inspire and make people think and question their views.

Remind people to question the political process.


A Beating Heart Also

Continues my ABH Facebook Group for A Beating Heart





Continues to publish a monthly ABH Newsletter

Continues to build a presence for ABH on Twitter