Godless Gadhimai

Godless Gadhimai

Godless Gadhimai – I have written about religion and religious festivals before and the methodology that religion uses to justify whatever ends it wants to achieve. Historically religion has been used to control people through intimidation – fear – persecution and threats of banishment. Not much has changed.


People have suffered through wars – crusades – religious purges – witch burnings – stonings and torture. All in the name of one god or another. When “printing” became widely available as a tool for sharing information – the “church” was most alarmed as it took away some of the iron clad control of the “message” from the church hierarchy. Why would someone “have” to go to church – if they could read quietly at home and have their own connection to God? Without the aid and interpretation of a priest – minister or church elder – power was lost.

Like any business – religion – does not like to lose control of the faithful – the base – the masses. Religion does not want you to think freely – to question – to offer alternative theories.  In 2014 most churches are still male dominated – secretive – managed from within – exempt from many laws that apply to the rest of the world – full of pomp and ceremony – run by the exalted few and very rich. This wealth is NOT shared with the faithful.

This is  not to say that religion does not serve a function in societies – it does. A church can be a wonderful resource for human connection – interaction – worship – ceremony – healing and emotional support. When it is good – it is very, very good. When it is bad – it is awful.

Animals have always suffered appallingly in the “service” of religion. Egregious brutality – dismemberment – sacrifice – burnings – torture – hangings – the more agonizing the death the better to appease the god or goddess of the day. Personally – the  “power” that I pray to is kind and forgiving – not fear based and demanding that cruelty be visited on innocent creatures.


The largest, bloodiest and most appalling animal sacrifice festival on earth is coming up on November 24 and 25, 2014 in Nepal. This gruesome orgy of death and destruction must be stopped. Animal Activists in Nepal have been working against this “festival” for some time – but much more awareness is urgently needed. In 2009 – over 300,000 animals died in 2 days!



Gadhimai – the Hindu Goddess of Power – who has the ability to “end evil and bring prosperity” must be appeased – every fifth November. Her last bloodbath was November 2009 and she is once again restless – licking her lips and craving the warm flow of fresh blood from chickens – rabbits – goats – cows – pigeons – buffalo – ducks and pigs!

A Quote From A 2009 Eyewitness:

During transport to the festival site – the animals were not provided with any water and food in the days before the sacrifice. Many young animals had in fact already died from stress, exhaustion and dehydration before the killings started. Their bodies were left among the live animals.


Everyone could kill anything, with whatever knife or sword. Many animals died an unbearable slow and violent death because the butcher was inexperienced and the knives were not sharpened properly. Thousands of buffalo were standing in an enclosure when butchers holding swords started hacking randomly at the animals. Some heads could be severed in one cut; in other cases, it took the butchers a long time to kill the buffalo. (one buffalo died after 25 blows to the neck – the sword had not been sharpened)


No one was holding the animals – many tried to escape. Baby buffaloes were bleating and searching for their mothers. Soon they were walking around in a pool of blood. They were hunted down by the butchers. Needless to say, not a single animal survived the bloodbath. After witnessing the suffering inflicted on these gentle, loyal animals, I feel deeply upset and ashamed of my country”.

Right now – Easter week-end – thousands of beautiful animals in Nepal and India are busy just being themselves – oblivious to the fate that will befall them when this butchery of madness takes place in November 2014. Please share this everywhere! These blood thirsty and cowardly killers are so pleased with themselves – so intent on pleasing Gadhimai – so ignorant – so without a moral compass – so godless.

This happens because animals have no “rights” and people are so convinced of their superiority that they are devoid of  compassion and totally lacking in mercy. This is a spectacle of human insanity cleverly disguised as a religious celebration. We don’t need to wonder why there is war and killing and greed and dishonesty and cruelty – with this as an accepted human behaviour – how could it be otherwise?

This is pure EVIL – it is an important video – watch it if you are able …