Global Lion March

Global Lion March

Born Free

Global Lion March – The iconic song Born Free touched the lives of so many people who remember the incredible story of Elsa the lion cub who became a symbol for lions when she was reared by George and Joy Adamson and then set free!

If you wonder why there is so much excitement and anticipation about the Global Lion March on Saturday March 15, 2014 – think about the fact that there are only 2700 wild lions left in South Africa. Another 8000 captive bred big cats languish in appalling lion farms waiting to be slain by trophy hunters. Petted as cubs – walked with as teen-agers – slaughtered as young lions – dead by the age of three or four. Born for a bullet – exploited for a lifetime.

 LION 10

So – we are marching in 55 cities around the world – global citizens who cross all cultural – race and religious boundaries. We are coming together as people who know that canned lion hunting is wrong. We will NOT be silenced. We refuse to be the  generations who let the lions slide into a final decline and then oblivion. 

Come out and get involved with this march – that will become a movement – that will create the tipping point when public outrage will declare that this heinous industry must be closed forever. We will NOT allow lions to become extinct in the wild. This will NOT happen.

DAY 31

Watch and listen to the beautiful, classic song Born Free! If a small tear doesn’t escape from the corner of one eye – call your doctor – you may not have a heart! 

Thank you Shona for the idea of the song – Thank you Erwin for the banner!

This Beautiful Classic Song Written By John Berry & Sung By Matt Monro …

We Are Marching So Lions Will Continue To Be “Born Free”

I Believe that …

Lions Belong To The Wind – The Rain – The Sunshine – The Stars At Night And The Dew In The Soft Morning Light – They Are Not Ours To Kill – Rosemary Wright