Global Animal Abuser Registry

Global Animal Abuser Registry

Global Animal Abuser Registry – This is not a pie-in-the-sky idea. Does this notion seem far-fetched you? In my opinion – it has become essential. No only do we choose not to protect animals around the world when they are abused in the most appalling ways – we do nothing. We fail them completely.

Our judicial systems are ineffective, lacking in courage and pre-disposed to turn a blind eye to the most egregious abuse. There is a complete dis-connect between humans and the world in which we live. We do NOT understand the link between ourselves – our planet and the creatures with whom we share it.

We have so many excuses – we have to put people first – animals are here for our use – we don’t have the money – we can’t hurt our profit margins – this is our tradition – my religion says that it’s okay – this is what my father did – it will cost too much to retrofit our business to prevent cruelty – we don’t do background checks on our employees – she was having a bad day – he didn’t mean to throw acid on the puppy – it’s just a dog fight – animals don’t feel pain the way we do – I am entitled to hunt an endangered animal because I’m rich – I just left him in my car for a few minutes (the same idiots leave their kids in a hot car) – my cousin was supposed to feed the cats while I went away for the summer – it’s a cultural thing – I lost temper because I was off my meds – Uncle Bill died so we had to take his dog to a kill shelter – I can do whatever I want to with my cat – I don’t care it’s just an animal. 

It has been proven over time that people who abuse animals often go on to hurt or even kill people. We have global interactions for criminal activity between nations – why can we not do the same for animals? We have Amber Alerts for kids – fingerprint sharing between countries and sex offender lists. If you are a proven animal abuser – your details go on a Global Animal Abuser Registry. A registry needs to be two fold – Individual or Corporation/Country.

Name – Full Name.

Country – Of Origin Of The Abuser.

Corporation (if a business – as in factory farmers who abuse with impunity).

Country (if the abuser if a nation) – As an example – Japan and their appalling treatment of whale and dolphins. Whaling under the pretext of scientific research in regulated waters. And we allow this to go on when a boycott is needed.

Offence – a detailed description.

Judgement – Fine – Jail – Community Service or some combination.

For instance – if you are a spectator at an illegal event where animals are abused – your name is made public and goes on the registry. If dog fighters and spectators were both arrested, charged, fined and publically named the impact would be substantial.

Do You Really Think This Cruelty Doesn’t Matter?


When we do see a judgement in favour of the (often deceased animal) it goes something like this – John Doe was sentenced to 2 weeks in jail – fined $500.00 plus court costs and forbidden to own an animal for one year. This for punching and body slamming his dog until it died or starving his cats to death. The judgement should read – John Doe was sentenced to 5 years in jail – fined $50,000 and prohibited from ever owning an animal again. 

Globally: Our courts have no courage. Our laws are pathetic. Our lawmakers are an appalling failure.

Humans have failed to understand that we must be held accountable for our behaviour. We don’t demand change from our politicians. In Canada our Animal Laws are from 1892 – and there is no political will to make things better. Animal rights are just an annoying “aside” to politicians. We allow them to make promises that they break once elected. We accept that they do not answer our questions – we have a media machine obsessed with minutiae and afraid to ask hard questions and we say – “what can we do”?

What you can do is get involved. Get up off your butt and do something. If animals are not your cause – then do something for your schools – your community or country – kids – the planet  – the oceans – poor people – the homeless or food banks. Where ever there is a need – people power is required. I believe that humans can be better than our current global  behaviour suggests!

But I Am Sick And Tired Of Seeing These Images

Our Most Majestic Creatures – Endangered For Human Amusement


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I Will Never Forget Her …


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For Your Selfish Vanity

FUR 16

Canada’s Appalling And Unnecessary Seal Slaughter


Spain – Deliberate Torture Of Galgos After The Hunting Season


Veal Calves


Arturo – Shame On Argentina


The Brick Kiln Donkeys – Beaten And Worked To Death


And It Goes On And On And On …







So if you don’t see the reason to establish a Global Animal Abuser Registry then you obviously have other priorities in life – and of course you are entitled to live any way that you wish. But don’t for one second think that our treatment of sentient beings and our planet will not eventually affect our lives – because it will. And when it does it will be unrelenting and without mercy – just as we have been in our behaviour towards those who have no voice and no power.