Find Your North Star

Find Your North Star

A Way Forward For Humanity

Find Your North Star – historically the North Star was used for navigation – finding a way forward in good times or bad. A beacon of  light on a dark night and a sign of hope that all was not lost. We have just started our collective journey through 2016. People all around the world celebrate the passing of an old year with its victories and its woes and the start of a bright, new year with its promise of a better world – and kinder outcomes to the challenges of our troubled global village. With that in mind I have written some thoughts on how we can follow our global and individual North Stars. 

We all have a “raison d’etre” – it’s obvious to some from early childhood – others don’t find it until adulthood – middle age or late in life. Sadly some never make the connection to our Universal connectedness and live out their lives in the pursuit of selfish ends. I personally believe that there is a reckoning in life – a time when all of us are accountable for our actions. How we behave matters. I don’t think this has anything to do with our convenient, man-made religions – this is a cosmic force far greater than anything that humans can create for their own convenient purposes.

Having said this – I think we all have a responsibility to live in harmony with our differences and in peace with our fellow creatures and our beautiful planet. We have been given an incredible tool chest of resources to use during our time on Earth: self-awareness – consciousness – kindness – compassion – honour – respect – decency – the knowledge of right and wrong – patience – justice – accountability – fairness – intelligence – choice – wonder – creativity – happiness and above all else – love!

This Is What I Have Learned About Humans

There are far more good people than bad.

Most good people are searching for their individual ways forward.

Humanity is searching for our common way forward.

Most people want to help – many don’t know how.

The dullness of negativity must be countered with the powerful force of positive energy.

Apathy must be countered with purpose.

Fear and anger (two sides of the same ugly coin) must be countered with kindness and love.

Selfishness must be countered with involvement.

War must be countered with peace.

For as long as man has walked the planet – his brutal, destructive wars have never accomplished their supposed end – which is publicized as peace by global leaders. Instead – money is made – the borders of countries are changed and leaders are toppled and replaced. The underlying anger and hatred are not addressed. They brood and boil and fester – then reappear with a different name and new faces. Humans build fences and walls to try to keep out what is deemed to be different or evil – and again we fight each other – instead of embracing our common humanity.

Which Brings Us To 2016

We have a new and beautiful landscape before us as people. Find a way to become involved in our common search for Humanity’s North Star and in so doing look for your own personal North Star. Learn what the lessons are for your life. We can all help. There is a beautiful, raw yearning in most people to be better and to do better. So start to reach out to others instead of always looking inward. Help when you can. Never turn away from bullying and cruelty. Stand up and get involved. Say “yes” when you normally say no. Speak up – write letters. Challenge the status quo and come up with new ideas. Heroes are every day people who get involved with extraordinary circumstances. 


This is our world – our living, breathing Earth – our incredible, beautiful planet and she deserves so much better than we are giving her today. Change is coming – people are slowly awakening from eons of self-absorbed slumber. Find your passion – see what you can contribute – large or small – it all matters! Seek your beautiful North Star and follow her. She is there to guide you in 2016 if you will open your eyes. All of humanity benefits from every act of kindness and every offering of love. There is no force more powerful. Happy New Year – Treat Her Well.