Once Again The Elite Amongst Us Celebrate Themselves

Once Again The Elite Amongst Us Celebrate Themselves

Once Again The Elite Amongst Us Celebrate Themselves – The Sochi Olympics will cost over $51 Billion dollars and are designed to glorify the ego of one man – Vladimir Putin! As we prepare to “celebrate” ourselves as a global community at the Sochi Olympics – I wonder how many of us will ever think about the significance of this self-adulation and see the irony in a world with “haves” and “have nots”. Watch Noel Vegan’s haunting video – “Say Something” – at the end of the post.


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Yes – we have athletes who have trained for years to perfect their craft and they should be commended for their personal courage – discipline – dedication and commitment to be the best they can be.  These are incredible young people and I applaud them. I salute their excellence!

But we are also about to visit and acknowledge a country that has introduced revolting laws against the gay community – that condemns stray animals to appalling cruelty and unnecessarty death – that has (allegedly) allowed corruption at the highest levels in the building of the Sochi venue (with Putin’s cronies allegedly benefitting greatly) and that is desperately trying to prevent potentially catastrophic terrorism at the games.  

As a global commuity we had – and we missed – an incredible and shining opportunity to unite and to tell Russia – NO – we will not attend an Olympic venue that supports antiquated human discrimination and animal cruelty. Sochi’s stray dogs are referred to as “biological trash” – even though stray animals are a human problem not an animal problem. Russia – change these things or we will NOT come!


Winter Olympics

But the world is missing courageous leaders and awakened citizens and so we will sit glued to our various “technological devices” for the next 2 weeks – cheering on our hockey teams – applauding our skiers, skaters and luge competitors – and revelling in the flag raisings and the singing of national anthems. We will fist pump our winners and snub our noses at the lesser competitors who come in 4th or 5th in their chosen sport – because winning is everything and mere participation is not relevant.

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We will applaud “nationalism” and ignore “globalism”.

Meanwhile – Syria rages on – our global environment is in crisis – African countries are rife with terrorist groups – human suffering is allowed to exist in refugee camps – animals suffer behind closed doors in ways that we don’t acknowledge and cannot imagine, Tajii runs blood red, children go to bed hungry at night and basic human rights are ignored in countless countries. I am not against sport or human excellence – but I think that our priorities are – well let me be polite – F*ck*D. 

This happens because we have chosen to be “blind” – we don’t want to be aware – we don’t want to know because we are comfortable in our own personal lives. We have given up asking questions – demanding answers – challenging corruption – saying NO and standing up to evil.

I am an animal activist without apology and I will advocate for animals with whatever talents I possess for as long as I am able to do so. I came across the video below recently – and it seemed timely as we embark on another “snapshot in time” – when we will celebrate the few while ignoring both the human and animal populations that suffer in silence.

When we live in an age where we would even consider dumping garbage on The Great Barrier Reef or have to think  about allowing species like elephants – lions or rhinos to become extinct – or turn a blind eye to the human trafficking of children.

The Sochi Stray Dog Cull (as reported by INQUISITR)

“Sochi officials have ordered a stray dog cull in anticipation of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Officials hired a pest control company to capture and euthanize thousands of stray dogs that live throughout the region. The plan has drawn outrage from animal rights activists. However, city officials said it is a necessity.
Russia has been plagued with stray dogs for decades. In 2013 – Sochi officials said they planned to build a shelter as a solution to the problem. Unfortunately the shelter was never built. Although activists suggested capturing and sterilizing the dogs, officials said it was not a reasonable solution. (My italics – $51 Billion dollard was spent).

Alexei Sorokin, with Basya Services pest control, said the dogs are a nuisance and a threat. He said the dogs are often aggressive and have approached and bitten children. Sorokin said the feral dogs have harmed residents and may pose a threat to Olympic spectators. He said the strays often carry rabies, which can be deadly. According to Time, Sorokin stressed that the stray dogs are NOT pets”.

These Olympians Appear To Be In Grave Danger


I think as a global collective that our days of self-glorification are coming to an end.  The cost for the “many” is too high. I don’t know how change will come – but I believe that it is on the way.  Just imagine what Putin’s $51 Billion dollars might have done for the citizens of Russia and you will know what I mean.  I really am not a kill joy – but I do think!

So as we engage in this expensive celebration about what is the “best” in the human spirit – please take a moment to reflect on the fact that everyone doesn’t enjoy the same advantages in life – but that we should all be trying – in some small way – to make the world a better place for all sentient beings.

Watch this video as Noel Vegan reminds us with simple words why we need to open our eyes – minds and hearts. We are not alone on this earth – we share it with beautiful beings who have every right to be honoured and treated with respect and kindness!