DSWT – The Lifeline For Orphaned Elephants

DSWT – The Lifeline For Orphaned Elephants

DSWT – The Lifeline For Orphaned Elephants – The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust reminds us why we recognize World Elephant Day on August 12 and why we are marching for elephants – lions and rhinos in October. These majestic animals are threatened, poached and endangered.

We have a responsibility to protect them and we will not be silent. Elephants are recognized on World Elephant Day – August 12, 2014 for the incredible creatures that they are – smart – loving – committed to family – in tune with their world – playful – loyal – emotional – engaged with life and truly amazing!

DSWT - 11

On Saturday October 4, 2014 animal activists and concerned citizens in 113 cities around the world – will once again take to the streets – to stand up for these iconic creatures. World Animal Day recognizes that elephants – rhinos – lions – dolphins – whales and countless other sentient beings need our voices, our help and protection!

These beautiful (copyright) photographs are used courtesy of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and I thank them for their generosity. They convey in an instant why we will never give up on the elephants. Little elephants missing their Moms – but safe now to grow and thrive.

The poetic verses are used with permission of Andrew Mercer. I thank him for his trust and the soulful contribution his words make to these stunning images.

“I feel the hand of God here – In everything I see

In harmony with Nature’s law – Yet still an anomaly”


“To tell her what she meant to me – The essence so sublime

I have memories of a smiling face – of love beyond compare

That special love a Mother has – That special love we share”


“These memories are so poignant – I hold them in my heart

More precious than my life itself – We shall never be apart”

DSWT - 3

“Although the years have passed me by – The understanding comes with age

That love will never die”


I never said good-bye to her

There always seemed more time”

DSWT - 5

DSWT - 6

“Please let her know I loved her – And I wish I had been there

To laugh with her just one last time – To let her know I care”

DSWT - 7

“The tears I’ve shed like falling rain – Lie in puddles where I stand

She’s reaching out her soul to me – I feel her guiding hand”

DSWT - 8

DSWT - 9

“She was my friend and confidant – I watched her slip away

Like sand between my fingers – Like a child who has lost his way

“She’ll  be waiting when I get there – It’s only now I feel

The struggle will be over – And at last my scars can heal”


“So cry my lonely angel – For what you never had

For wonders you will never see – For things you’ll never have”


DSWT - 21

DSWT - 18

DSWT - 17


DSWT - 19

“In dreams I hear her calling – As if from far away

She’s telling me how proud she is – Of what I am today”

DSWT - 22

DSWT - 16

DSWT - 10

“So let me cry one more time – Then dry these lonely tears

And ask her for the courage – To face my final years”

DSWT - 24

“Each memory fades and then is gone – A small part of you now dies

And when each brittle piece is dead – This house shall feel your cries

The cold night wind treads like a threat – Blown by wasted years …

But the dust around lies undisturbed”

DSWT - 27

And life continues with each passing day at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. We thank them most profoundly for the magnificent work that they do – and the heartbreak they must endure. But always beautifully tempered by the saving grace of a little rescued soul – whose life will know the kindness of compassionate humans and eventually a beloved, wild elephant family.

You Are Safe Now Little One – Dream Of Your Mommie – She Is With You Still In Your Strong Little Heart. She Would Want You To Enjoy Sunshine Days, The Splash of Water – Snuggling With A Loving Friend And Soft, Warm Star Filled Nights!


DSWT - 12

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Get Involved And Help! Foster An Orphaned Baby Elephant – Buy A Tee Shirt – Share An Elephant Story – Tell A Friend – Spread The Word – Talk To Your Politicians.

Elephants Need Us And We Need Them! 

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