Donkeys – We’re Just So Cute. We Must Have Great Lives!

Donkeys – Burros – Mules – Ponies

If horses have served us well over the eons – then these smaller beasts of burden have been super-heros.  They are helpers to mankind but are dismissed as equine royalty because they are sort of goofy looking – don’t prance and can’t run like the wind. But these strong, uncomplaining, sure-footed little beings with incredible endurance remain man’s servant and pack animal in countries all over the world.

NOTE: Some Pictures or Content May be Graphic or Disturbing To Younger or Sensitive Readers

The Mule:   A cross between a donkey stallion and a horse mare. They have been used as draft and riding animals and are still used as pack animals.


Donkey: A member of the horse family. First domesticated about 3000 BC – these stubborn, contrary animals are nonetheless hard workers.


Burro: A small donkey used as a pack anmial. Burro is Spanish for donkey. They toil extensively in South and Central America.


Pony:   A little horse who does not possess the height and stature of  his bigger brothers. Ponies can be cunning and stubborn. The thick manes, tails and coats are typical of many ponies. Many little children dream of having a pony – I know Idid!


NOTE:  Some Pictures  Are Difficult To View

The world over – these creatures are considered “low status” animals. They are traded very inexpensively and lack humane treatment and protection. They work until they drop and are then slaughted – in some cases for the meat. They are often found in tourist resorts and destinations and are forced to carry people who are far too big for their small bodies. They pull over-loaded carts in congested cities and carry enormous loads of produce over rough terrain. Many are not well fed or watered. They are in harness all day and at night their feet often hobbled so they don’t wander.

Just imagine the weight of this load!


Severe Abuse – One Can Only Pray That This Donkey Was Rescued.


In China, Egypy, Israel, Nepal and Mexico to name just a few countries – donkeys don’t fare well. They are a commodity, easily replaced and horrible abused by some people. The live animal markets in China are said to be unforgiving.

And if you didn’t think that humans could be any stupider – then just imagine “donkey basketball” – a sport played in the USA for decades. An event is usually staged as a fundraiser at a school where the players have no knowledeg or experience with the animals. The donkeys are forced to carry players who are too big for them on a highly polished gymnasium floor. This stupid spectacle teaches young people that it’s okay to ignore the best interests of the animal. Look at the the size of the men on these little donkeys!

Donkey Basketball

donkey basketball

Donkey sanctuaries are now being set up worldwide. Some have been in operation since the 1960’s and they continue to give abused and abandonned donkeys and mules a chance for shelter, kindness and a better life.