To Be Destroyed

To Be Destroyed

To Be Destroyed – these words are synonymous with the happier “put to sleep” – the not so nice “put down” or the commonly accepted “euth listed”  or “death row dogs and cats”. It’s as if we are speaking about goods in a hardware store – “just go down aisle 3 and you’ll find your “put down” on the right hand side – third shelf from the bottom.

We are talking about the lives of sentient beings. Animals who – through no fault of their own – are unfortunate enough to find themselves in the revolving door treadmills of kill shelters or factory farms all around the world. In many countries (Canada included) animals have no rights and are considered to be “property” – the same as a table or chair.

They have no legal rights and governments blather away about “animal welfare” which is a massive joke. If a dog is chained outside in freezing weather but has a cardboard box for shelter and a bowl of food and another of frozen water – the welfare of the dog has been considered. What a bunch of clap trap. In a factory farm if an animals is alive – what else matters?

This picture of healthy, hopeful dogs destroyed in New York City on the first day of summer – June 21, 2014 – a time of sunlight – laughter and happy times made me think about the way we get rid of “inconvenient animals”. We do it the same way we toss out the trash – without a second thought.


These dogs most likely had a home at some point in their lives.  Most look relatively well cared and all wanted to live and love and play and be safe and warm. For them it was NOT to be and they were dropped off at a shelter with any one of the following reasons pinned to their collars. Some may have been adopted and returned – all were no longer wanted.

1)   He grew to be too big.

2)   He won’t stop chewing.

3)   We are moving and he can’t come.

4)   We have a baby now.

5)   We’re getting a divorce.

6)   He belongs to my Dad and he has just gone into an old age home.

7)   My new girlfriend doesn’t like dogs.

8)   I just developed an allergy.

9)   I don’t have time for her now that I have a new job.

10)  He’s sick and I can’t afford to have him treated.

11)  I just don’t like him anymore.

12)  My new puppy is afraid of her.

The common denominator in this madness is people. Animals want to live. They fight that “last walk” with every ounce of strength in their bodies. They know what is going to happen and they don’t want to be “put down”.

We have done nothing to ease this appalling lack of concern for unwanted animals and we kill them because we are too lazy to look for solutions and to demand that our politicians pass laws to protect them. In countries like China – South Korea – Romania – Thailand and Russia – the situation is appalling.

Right now in China – the annual Yulin Dog Eating Festival is in full swing and in the ten days of this orgy of ignorance – 10,000 dogs will be tortured – cooked alive and eaten by eager participants. Some of these animals are stolen pets – many are diseased – all have suffered unbelievable agony during transport to Yulin.


The common thread is a total disregard for the animals. This what we need globally – not only for domestic pets but for all factory farmed and live-shipped animals whose lives are hell on earth. In Canada the recent Mercy For Animals Canada investigations of the pork – dairy – turkey – veal and chicken/egg industries support the urgent need for animal rights.

1)   Animal rights entrenched in law – not animal welfare legislation.

2)   Enforced standards of care for all animals.

3)   Independent inspectors in all shelters and facilities where animals are housed. Self-policing is an idiotic concept.

4)   Legislated standards for putting an animal to sleep or for slaughtering.

5)   Real consequences for animal cruelty – significant fines and jail time.

6)   An animal abuse registry in every country.

7)   A global animal database of offenders – both individuals and business offenders.

8)   Convicted person are never allowed to own an animal again – none of this 2 year get-out-of-jail free nonsense – let’s go and get another puppy or start a new farm.

It is clear that there is no global political will to champion animals so “we the people” will have to pick up the challenge and demand change. The underlying truth is that we will never have peace as a human collective when we show no kindness or mercy to those over whom we have complete control. Please get involved and be part of a much needed solution. Let the words “To Be Destroyed” become a phrase of the past.




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