Dangerous For Dogs

Dangerous For Dogs

Foods To Research

Dangerous For Dogs – I grew up with pets and I’ve been fortunate to share my live with dogs as an adult. When we were kids our family dogs all got table scraps to supplement their canned dog food. That’s the way it was – no one thought about foods to avoid. How things have changed – pets are a multi-billion dollar business and responsible pet owners care passionately about their animals.

Foods To Avoid 

NOTE: It appears that there are differing opinions about some of the foods listed below. If in doubt about what to feed your pet – speak to your vet. With thanks to Layne for her comments. 

With that in mind – think about what you feed your pooch – some foods may lead to nausea – vomiting – diarrhea – heart irregularities – pancreatitis or even death. If you are thinking about adding the foods below to a pet’s treat bucket – do your research first. 


Avocado     Anything With Mould     Apple Cores or Seeds      Any Form of Alcohol     Apricots     Bacon

Bread Dough     Cherries     Currants     Coffee     Chocolate     Chives     Cheese     Coconut or Coconut Oil


Grapes     Garlic     Mushrooms     Macadamia Nuts     Onions     Raisins     Rhubarb     Raw Eggs    

Raw Potatoes     Salt     Sugar     Stems/Leaves of Tomato Plants     Walnuts


Use common sense with pet treats and keep your dog’s food and treats securely locked away when you’re out of the house.


Dogs will be dogs and if there is a way – they have the will.