Cash And Blackfish

Cash And Blackfish

Cash and Blackfish – we have a budding young animal activist in California – a smart, self-assured and very vocal 5 year old boy named Cash. As kids will do at times – Cash snuck into the living room one evening when his parents were watching the documentary Blackfish. He noticed that his Mom was crying and he has a lot to say about what he saw.

I asked Cash these questions about Orcas and this is what he thinks:

1)  What do you like about whales?  

I love their colours – white and black. I also love how big and cute they are! They travel together also which is cool.

2)  Why are whales important?  

Whales have been on earth for a very long time and they should stay out in the wild. It’s not okay for humans to capture them.

3)   Why should whales be free?  

Because I hate seeing them in little pools and they need to be out in the wild.  They are too big to be in these little pools and they get sick. It’s not fair.


4)  How can kids help?  

Do not go to Sea World on my birhtday! It’s December 22nd.

5)  Are you going to do another video?  

I’d like to very soon!

As a 5 year old boy Cash understands that the life of Blackfish is not fair – that humans have no right to capture them – and that they belong in the wild. He only wants one thing for his birthday December 22 – don’t go to Sea World – because he knows that will help.

We have not heard the last from Cash – watch his YouTube video – I’m sure you will agree! Thank you Cash for sharing your video on ABH Kids. I look forward to hearing what else you have to say!

Over 22,500 people have seen the video that Cash did with his dad – Noah. Let’s share this and help Cash send out his message that Orcas should be free.

In the wild an Orca swims with his family – ranging over hundreds and hundreds of miles – they should NOT be in captivity!

 wild orcas

With thanks to my friend Endika – from Western Cape – who first shared this video with me – and suggested it as a wonderful post for ABH Kids!