Campaign Against Canned Lion Hunting Videos

Campaign Against Canned Lion Hunting Videos

Campaign Against Canned Lion Hunting Videos – Chris Mercer and Bev Pervan are the long time and tireless champions of the South African Lions who are raised in the appalling canned lion business. They are petted as cubs – walked with as teen-agers and then slaughtered as young adults to satisfy the sick and perverted demand of the trophy hunting industry. 

The videos below give an excellent accounting of this cruel and outdated industry.

CACH Website is

From Campaign Against Canned Hunting.

The long awaited 2014 Update to our CACH presentation video has now been uploaded to YouTube and you can see it here

 (only 7 minutes)

As you see, it builds upon the original CACH presentation which was done in 2007, and explains, with statistics, how the canned lion industry has developed in the last 7 years. For example there was no lion bone trade when we made our 2007 CACH video.

There is no pornographic hunting footage in the new update, which makes it particularly suitable for use in presentations to school children. There is some upsetting hunting footage in the 2007 video so we would suggest that if you are presenting to adults, you first show the 2007 CACH video, (11minutes), answer questions and then show the update video (7 minutes).

You can view the original 2007 video on YouTube here: 

We have made it public so it is a free resource for any activist or concerned animal lover We hope that it will be seen by every volunteer placement organisation and by many tour operators and travel agents, to attack the twin evils of club petting and duped volunteerism.


In addition, there are two slideshows which were prepared by our colleagues in Tanzania for the Arusha meeting in March 2014, and you can view them here: (Part 1 – 13 minutes) (Part 2 – also 13 minutes)