Camo-Cowards And The Intentional Slaughter Of Wildlife

Camo-Cowards And The Intentional Slaughter Of Wildlife

The Sick Mentality Behind Deliberate Killing

Camo-Cowards And The Intentional Slaughter Of Wildlife – the Florida bear hunt – the first one in 21 years has (supposedly) ended with the deliberate murder of 295 bears in two days. Is it continuing in some areas of Florida? It has been reported that the first bear killed was a lactating female – meaning that her cubs are now alone – terrified and starving. Some cubs have also been killed. Who are the players in this mass killing spree?

There have to be victims for the camo-cowards to get their kill-thrill jollies.

The Cast of Characters Is Predictable:

The Florida black bear reportedly numbering at around 3100 has lived in relative safety for 21 years. That all changed on October 24 when the official objective kill quota was set at 320 animals. The camo-cowards slaughtered 295 bears and the planned week long hunt was stopped in 2 days – (although it may still be on-going in some areas of Florida). Social media sites lit up with global outrage.

It has been ‘unofficially’ reported that 14 of the bears were nursing mothers. All these animals had families. Mothers and fathers and siblings. They didn’t drop out of the sky or turn up under a clover leaf. They were born to loving, devoted mothers who were rearing their cubs and teaching them to live in their natural environment.

The “officials” – the men and women making the decision to allow the killing. 

The Governor – Rick Scott (Republican) – the man who could have stopped this bloody travesty and didn’t. Remember Rick – this is the same man who adopted a shelter dog amidst much fanfare during the 2010 election when he ran for governor. He held a naming contest for the pooch – won the election and returned the dog – something really lame about the dog “barking at cameras and scaring people”.

Remember this at election time!

The hunting lobby – their job is to convince the “politicians and officials” that killing animals is good. It is conservation at its finest – a necessary and scientific cull – management of wildlife – sustainable use – keep our citizens safe from these wild, marauding and dangerous creatures. Killing is necessary. Killing is good.

The “Camo-Cowards” – aka hunters – I have thought about a suitable name for hunters for a long time and have finally arrived at “camo-cowards” – it fits – the description is apt. These men and women like to play dress up. In addition to their orange caps and vests – they like to suit up in camouflage gear. I’m guessing they are a lot of failed – “we could have been navy seals – special ops – Delta Force” men! Their justification in hunting is based on the buzz word “conservation” – backed up by scientific data and if that doesn’t work then they haul out the “danger to our community and children”. They talk about being guided by God and they always espouse family values. Some of them put guns in the hands of children at the tender ages of 6 or 7. Of course the child participates – what kid wants to be a disappointment to his or her parents.

When it’s time to kill – they haul out their guns and scopes and their night vision goggles, their nets and their tough, mud spattered hiking boots and their back packs and their shiny buckles and belts. They jump in their big, powerful manly trucks and SUV’s and hit the road with their hunting licences clutched in their sweaty hands. They are ready to rock and roll and kill. Hunters for the ages – records to be broken – bears to be skinned – stupid animals in need of annihilation. As one hunter claimed in Florida – and I paraphrase – “They are beasts of burden – ours to kill”. I must have missed that page in history class where “bears” were used as beasts of burden. Stupidity and ignorance reign.


The sad reality about camo-cowards is that they are bullies with guns. Put that same man in a field – take away his gun so it’s a level playing field and bring in a bear – let’s say a mother with her cubs and what are we left with – Dickie Dress Up in his camo fatigues is suddenly peeing in his pants and crying for help. I’m sure God would be called upon – promises made and children and family values loudly proclaimed.

I read a deeply disturbing post on social media a couple of years ago. A hunter was discussing his passion for the “sport” and he said –  “Nothing gets my wood on like killing animals”. I didn’t get it at first but of course he was referring to the sexual high and the erection he gets when he kills. That phrase stuck with me. Does he share that knowledge with his wife or girlfriend – chat about it with his son and daughter? His greatest sexual gratification comes when he kills. This is a sick man.

Camo-Cowards Kill Because:

They can. Society allows it.

The State profits from the sale of hunting licences – how convenient.

All animals globally: wild – domestic – pets and livestock are thought to be disposable – mere products – unworthy of rights –  unworthy of justice and placed on earth for man to exploit – profit from and use. 

Do weak-kneed politicians at all levels return favours to the rich and powerful?

Humanity is not evolving – as a collective we are devolving. Slipping further and further away from what we could be – lacking a sound moral compass and a clear understanding of right and wrong. We thrive on destruction – greed and power. We are an easily corrupted entity – caught up in the selfish, the mundane and the mediocre.

When asked why they don’t just “take a picture” – camo-cowards revert to their tired, pre-scripted rhetoric about conservation and their love of animals and their deep respect for nature. 

As humans they are missing compassion – kindness – respect and the recognition that all animals are sentient creatures with a right to their own lives.  


They are ignorant and arrogant. They have no respect for nature – the planet or animals. They are delusional  in their thinking that killing is blessed by God – the same God who provided them with all these dumb creatures to kill.

Camo-cowards don’t hunt to satisfy a need (although they yammer on about meat for their families) – they hunt for the thrill of the kill. They are addicted to the power. They lust after the taking of lives.

Camo-cowards hunt because it makes them feel like big, powerful, important people. They like to brag and strut and swagger and grab their crotches and adjust their family jewels. Women who hunt wish they had family jewels to adjust.

They are allowed to have guns and bows and knives – traps and nets – dogs and ATV’s and to pursue animals who have no idea that they are targets. The bears in Florida woke up on this fall morning and did what all animals do – they stretched and yawned and called to their young. They got up and looked for food and water and walked through their home – the woodlands and forests – the day before they were safe – not so on October 24, 2015. Their death warrants had been signed. 

The gun lobby is powerful.

The camo-coward (hunting) lobby is rich and powerful.

Is it possible that some politicians can be bought and paid for? Do officials turn a blind eye – using whatever current jargon is necessary – to justify their decisions? A number of polls on social media have suggested that between 75% to 80% of Floridians were disgusted by and against this bear hunt. It went ahead anyway. Why?

Mothers with cubs were supposed to be off limits – apparently the first bear shot was a lactating mother – and about 13 other nursing sows have been killed – their cubs, unless rescued, will die. It has been reported that cubs have also been shot.

Mass Murder – Sponsored By The State of Florida And

Carried Out By Their Henchman –  The Camo-Cowards

Murdered For NO Reason – Rest In Peace Sweet Bears





Rick Scott – The Republican Governor Of Florida Since 2011

Why Did He NOT Stop This Massacre? Maybe Someone Should Ask Him?


Murdered Cubs


The Following Photos Are Courtesy Of And With Thanks To Thomas Allison






And Old Semi-Blind Bear Was Shown No Mercy




 And now the camo-cowards can go out for a few beers and line up at the bar and swing their dicks around and brag about their killing.

Humanity should hang its collective head in shame that this revolting Crime Against Nature was allowed!