Who Broke The Lamp

Who Broke The Lamp

Who Broke The Lamp – I was working in my office early this morning  when I heard a mighty crash downstairs. Upon investigation I discovered my three dogs sitting beside a shattered lamp shade. The base was still in tact – but the magnificent antique tiffany-style shade was shattered into one million little pieces.

I bought this lamp about 25 years ago – it was very expensive at the time and now it has been relegated to the trash bin. There was nothing to save of the shade whose heavy metal frame was twisted and broken. The base survived to shine another day if I can find a replacement shade.

The Object D’Art

This Is Not The Actual Lamp – But It Was Very Similar


My 3 dogs were sitting beside the shattered ruins – tails banging on the floor. I was surprisingly calm in the face of this destruction. I said “who broke the lamp” – their tails thumped harder. I said very slowly and deliberately – “who broke the lamp”. They all hung their heads. Puck was the first to look up – slyly out of one eye. The other two remained in statue form. I moved the dogs away from the broken glass and went to get a broom and dustpan.

The 3 dogs bounded up the stairs from the family room to the kitchen – eager for breakfast – broken lamp forgotten.

The Suspects

Puck – The Oldest – My black 7 year old Goldendoodle

Piper – The Middle Boy – My tawny 5 year old Aussiedoodle

Beetle – The Baby – My black and white 4 year old Goldendoodle

Puck is a doofus – a confirmed kitchen counter surfer. A beautiful boy with a big, happy heart. A big sofa cuddler – the last to come when called – but the first to greet me in the morning. He has no idea of his own strength but would not hurt a fly. He has never shown anything but affection to the other 2 dogs – even though it was his home first.


Piper is a weenie. He is worried that the sky will fall  – that his water bowl will be empty – that he will lose his toy – that he will  be the last to get a cookie. But behind the scenes he is the instigator. He loves me with all his little doggie heart – but is not a snuggler – more of a lie at my feet guy. Piper is the first to come when called. The loudest tail thumper. The first to shove the others out of the way when we are together. He is obsessed with his squeaky toy.


Beetle is the baby. He is a some time snuggler but always on his own terms. Very independent. He is the only one of my dogs who has a job. I call him Perimetre Boy because he constantly patrols the garden. Up and down the fence line – across the deck – down to the patio –  then repeat – repeat – repeat. Lie down in the sunshine for 10 minutes and then off he goes again. He comes second when called – always charging up the garden steps and into the kitchen. He is the last to sit when the dogs are being fed.


So – what do you think? There are no cuts or bruises – no scratches – no evidence of a sore paw.  Just tail thumping – downcast eyes – then the usual joie de vive of a new day. Adventures – bickies – treats – snuggles – belly rubs – comfy doggie beds.

Who Is The Culprit?