Make 2018 The Year That You Decide To Become A Better Person

Because – you can change with every decision you make. The animal advocacy movement is growing exponentially. Social mores and norms are shifting as more people globally are choosing to be vegan, vegetarian or deciding to eat less meat. Fur is slowly becoming unacceptable. Hunting is seen as the barbaric and cowardly sport that it is and more countries are starting to ban the importation of trophies, ivory, rhino horn, shark fins and illegally obtained animal products. Blood sports are seen as the savage events that they are and those involved are being called out of for their participation in this heinous animal cruelty. Rodeos and circuses are on notice. Dog fighting and puppy mills are in the news. Factory farming is being exposed as a revolting, greedy and cruel enterprise. 

Changes are happening all over the world but there is so much more to be done before animals are granted legal rights and perpetrators of any kind of animal cruelty are jailed, fined, publically shamed and held accountable for their actions.

Make a pledge to learn about the industries you support every day with your buying decisions and think about becoming a cruelty-free consumer.

Because humans believe we are superior – you suffer for our appetites.

Because humans crave fur and leather – you suffer to adorn our bodies.

Because humans want to be entertained – you suffer to amuse us.

Because humans lack respect for Nature – you lose your wild homes.

Because humans crave power over the wild – you die for our egos.

Because humans are inferior – your misery bolsters our damaged souls.

Because humans are wantonly destructive – you pay the price for our greed.



Animals Are Finer By Far Than Most Humans

Take Time To Learn From Animals And The Natural World And You Will Become A Better Person

Because animals have no voices – we will speak for you.

Because animals have no land – we will build sanctuaries.

Because animals are endangered – we will champion your causes.

Because animals are brutalized – we will expose your oppressors.

Because animals have no rights – we will be your guardians.

Because animals are kind and curious – we will be your warriors.

Because animals lose their homes – we will share ours with you.

Because animals are pure of heart – we will learn from you.

Because animals carry no malice – we will try to emulate your goodness.

Because animals are forgiving – we will attempt to live up to your example.

When You Become Aware Of The Treatment Of Animals – You Are Duty Bound To Make A Difference!