Animal Fighting – Are Blood Sports Okay?

Animal Fighting – The Brutality of Blood Sports

Humans have engaged in deplorable acts of blood sport for as long as they have lived. There seems to be a twisted sense of superiority – something primal and cruel in a person who relishes seeing a man fighting an animal or animals being forced to fight one another. If men want to fight each other – they have free will to do so. They have agreed to partake in a fighting match – they are making that decision of their own volition and they understand the consequences, the pitfalls and the possible rewards.

One only has to look at the current trend of mixed martial arts matches to see that the allure of gladitorial combat is alive and well. The areans are packed with cheering and chanting fans.  Money, titles and adulation follow. Attending such an event doesn’t appeal to me personally – but I’m not the arbiter of other peoples’ choices nor should I be – that’s their free will.

 NOTE: Some Pictures or Content May be Graphic or Disturbing To Younger or Sensitive Readers

However when it comes to a person fighting an animal or animals being forced to fight one another – then I have very definite opinions on such blood sports and I strongly believe that both are morally wrong. In the case of animals being goaded into fighting each other – the participants should be heavily fined, criminally charged and jailed.

The Bull Fight – the matador only fights a weakened bull.  There is no glory here. There is no courage here. I don’t care if he is considered an  icon – the matador is a coward. This is not a fair fight. It is butchery and savagery. A shameful, culturally accepted spectacle that needs to be stopped world wide.

Severely Wounded, Dehydrated and Exhausted

bull fight

A Different Bull on a Different Day – Is Finally Killed

bull fight - the kill


Dog Fighting – a big, booming underground business that is especially popular in the USA and Australia. An accepted sport with gang members where impromptu street fights often occur and with criminals who stage dog fights for prize money and notoriety.  There is a strong connection to gambling, ego and spectacle. Dog fights attract a surprising number of well-heeled spectators. Dog fighting is practiced legally in some countries and illegally in many others. Some of the participating countries are Cuba – India – Japan – South America – North America – Russia and South Africa to name a few of the nations who engage in this vile, blood sport.

dog fight

Some of the training tools of the trade  commonly used in dog fighting circles are treadmills – weights – break sticks – weighted collars – bait animals and steroid injection syringes. A typical fight pit is about 12′ x 12′ with walls anywhere from 2 to 6 feet in height. A losing dog who has embarrassed his owner, or a severely injured animal,  may be shot – strangled – drowned – electrocuted – hung or just left to die.

Bear Baiting – commonly practised in Pakistan and still not illegal in South Carolina. A brutal sport where a terrified, tethered bear whose teeth and claws have been pulled out, is attacked by fighting dogs, sometimes for hours. This is amusement for the crowd. Children are often in attendance at these events. Money always changes hands.

bear baiting

Cock Fighting – also a common sport – brutal and cruel. These knives or spurs are attached to the feet of the cock to make the fight bloodier and more exciting for the spectators.

cock spurs


cock fighting

The City of Rome was founded in 752 BC by Romulus and Remus.  The entitity that was Rome along with its vast territories lasted until 1476 AD – 2228 years. Rome was considered an Empire between 44BC and 476 AD. In 81 AD the first games  – lasting 100 days – were held at The Colosseum . It is written that on one day during these prolonged, blood soaked celebrations that 9000 animals died at the hands of The Bestiarii (gladiators trained to fight and kill wild animals). During this era some animals became extinct. The point being – everything ends and changes. Everything.

It will take a global shift in consciousness to end the outdated, macho blood sports still practiced today.  This requires awareness, citizen involvement  and both political will and political courage. So sign a petition, write a letter to the appropriate government officials, or make a donation to one of the organizations involved with these issues. Change can happen – just remember the giant that once was The Roman Empire!