There Is Always Hope

There Is Always Hope  

On Those Down Days Remember

There Is Always Hope – It is not possible to be an animal activist and not suffer from bouts of soul destroying despair. On those day when I think I can no longer bear to see more examples of deliberate human depravity – I remember that the polar opposite of cruelty is kindness.

I think of the many shining examples of generosity – kindness – mercy  and love that go un-noticed every day all over the world. I think of the deep and abiding goodness that resides in the human soul and I know that this power can displace all that is evil.

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There is nothing that lifts my soul like music and when I hear Amazing Grace performed – I have complete faith that we will eventually defeat cruelty – intolerance – unkindness –  anger and hatred. It is not possible that human beings who can evoke this kind of emotional beauty cannot then tackle the ills of the world. And so I live knowing that – “There Is Always Hope”.

This too shall pass …





As The Dignity And Light Of The Collective Soul Emerge To Speak


There Is Always HopeHEARTS - HAPPY Listen To Amazing Grace – Il Divo