Polar Bear Writes The Government

Endangered Polar Bears

Dear Government of Canada – I am a polar bear living in Canada’s north! Why don’t you call me Poley? It’s much harder to forage and hunt now that the ice is melting but we do our best. I have a bunch of bear friends – there are about 16,000 of us left. You allow 600 of us to be killed every year. I’ve lost some really good friends and family members over the years. I’m really not very good at math but I think we will all be dead in 25 years. Does anyone care but us?

NOTE: Some Pictures or Content May be Graphic or Disturbing To Younger or Sensitive Readers

People in Asia really like use our polar bear body parts for medicine when there is no proof that it really helps a human. Other people  make soup from our paws. Have you ever thought about how many miles our paws have travelled? Other people like to use our hides with our heads still  in place as rugs.  Have you ever wondered how we  feel about all this? Then there are the trophy hunters who you encourage to shoot us – they kill us – “just for fun”.

On No!




Have you ever been afraid Government of Canada? Have you ever had to run for your life in an unfair fight and been sad because your polar bear kids will probably die when you’re gone? I guess not.


At the recent CITES meeting far away in another land –  you Canada – my own country voted against protecting polar bears. Something about sustainable numbers and temperature fluctuations. That’s not how we feel. Just thought I’d let you know.


Poley … An Endangered Polar Bear