Global Lion March – 2014 – March 15

Global Lion March – 2014 – March 15

Global Lion March – 2014 – March 15 – Christine Jordaan, a member of Wild and Free, South Africa, is the originator of the idea to have a global march for lions. She writes – “In September 2013 I happened upon an article by Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH) and started reading up on Canned Hunting.

The horrific reality was almost too much to take in. I thought a worldwide march would be a brilliant way to raise awareness in the general public AND to show governments that there is a HUGE number of people out there across the world who will no longer be silent regarding hunting and the cruelty involved.

Quite simply we want trophy and canned hunting banned. I believe we have NO right whatsoever to decide when an animal dies. They are not here for us to use, to sell their lives. It would be pure arrogance to believe otherwise. 




Our goals are to have trophy and canned hunting banned; to get lions on the Endangered Species List where they belong, to stop the export of lion bones to China, to stop the import of lion trophies in to USA and EU.

We need the world to stand together and call for a new gentler way of living here on Earth in harmony with all the other species which have just as much right to be here as we do. We have all the technology we need to co-exist peacefully – we just lack the willpower. 

I hope that the march will make people think about how we are treating all the animals and the question of whether it’s right to kill an animal for fun. Is it right to breed lions to be shot? What kind of person shoots an animal in a cage for pleasure? It is a manifestation of a sick society. We have been taught to block it out. And that hunting is conservation. Nonsense. That is the system that the hunters themselves have set up. We need a new system.

I like to think that most people have good hearts. We desperately need these people to stop looking the other way, to unblock their minds to the screams of the animals. The animals cannot vote for a system that is fair to them. They are relying completely and utterly on the compassion and integrity of the human species.

 If people would still their minds for a second, close their eyes, shut out the deliberate stimulation of the over-consumption culture we have engineered …  and imagine the world through the consciousness of the animals  … bred to be shot for fun, eaten, worn,  used for entertainment. Living in pain and misery then dying an agonizing death.

How Can You NOT March? 

When its time for the sun to set and you look back at your life one day – wouldn’t you be bitterly ashamed of ignoring the horrific reality of the animals or would you like to know that you tried to end the terrible suffering our species has wrought on them. “

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