A Fascinating New Discovery About Dolphins

Dolphin Names – Really?

Few creatures in the animal world are as charismatic and beloved as the dolphin. In recent years, films such as The Cove, have brought them more into public consciousness. People are very aware of the Japanese slaughter of dolphins and animal welfare groups are trying to win greater protection for them world wide. Dolphins typically live in pods of between 10 to 30 members and they are known to have an elabortate communication system.

Dolphin Speak


In the wild, and it can easily be argued that dolphins should not be held in captivity for the amusement of humans,  they have active family groups and love to leap and jump and play. They are known to be incredibly intelligent, and in captivity, they are capable of  learning all the flips and tricks that human trainers demand of them. This video is especially amazing – in that these two dolphins design their own trick for the trainers.

This fact, combined with the Janaury 2013 publication by Proceedings of the Royal Society B, that dolphins call their close family members and buddies by name is astonishing. Dolphins routinely communicate through whistles, clicks, squawks and pulsing sounds – but the name call is a signature whistle. In the wild dolphins can communicate across distances of up to 12 miles.

Watch this 2011 video and really think about the implications of non-humans having a language of their own!

What Did Anadarko Oil In Texas Do When Greenpeace Called?

The Rainbow Warrior Calls Anadarko Oil – Texas

This is a great video from the Rainbow Warrior – in a call to Anadarko in Texas – and while it is respectful – there is no mistaking the strong message. New Zealand said no to nuclear pollution years ago and now people – New Zealanders and global citizens need to stand up and say no again to deep sea oil drilling in this pristine area of the sub-Antarctic.

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Videos – What Is The Rainbow Warrior Doing In The Sub-Antarctic?

Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior In New Zealand’s Sub-Antarctic

This amazing video highlights The Rainbow warrior as it plys the seas in this incredibly beautiful World Heritage Area of the sub-Antarctic islands. The video highlights the need to protect this pristine site from deep sea oil-drilling. Watching the birds and the wildlife is absolutely magical and so emotionally uplifting.

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Videos – Watch As Murera The Baby Elephant Recovers!

Murera An Injured Elephant Recovers

Such a great way to start a Monday morning with positive news about a baby elephant. Murera an injured, elephant orphan is recovering well after suffering severe injuries to her back legs. But it has been a long road back to health for the baby elephant. Watch as Dame Daphne Sheldrick talks about her rescue, treatment and on-going recovery at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. It is believed that Murera may have stepped on a strip of poisoned darts.

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Videos – What Everyone Should Know About Cruelty In The Exotic Skins Industry.

Joaquin Phoenix – PETA – Exposing Cruelty In The Exotic Skins Industry

Joaquin Phoenix has been a long time supporter of Animal Welfare and Animal Rights. He worked with PETA to create a video to expose the brutality of the exotic skins industry. It provides people with shoes – belts – purses – briefcases and gloves made from the skins of snakes – crocodiles – alligators and lizards.

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Videos – Olivia Munn – Chinese Fur Farms. What Has She Seen?

Olivia Munn For PETA

Actress Olivia Munn’s heritage is Chinese. She did a video for PETA about fur farms in China – where there are no animal protection laws and no penalties for animal cruelty. Like most people  she was not aware of the brutality of the fur farming industry. The fur industries worldwide do a masterful job of hiding the dirty and vile secrets of this appalling business.

NOTE:  The video that Olivia Munn made for PETA in 2011 – is graphic and disturbing – so be advised before you watch it.

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Videos – Watch Meerkat Babies See Sunlight For The First Time!

Baby Meerkats

In this sweet video Simon King films 4 baby meerkats coming up from underground to see sunlight for the first time. They are immediately active, curious, standing, digging and exploring their surroundings. One male emerges as the bravest and gets a belly rub from Simon. Momma Meerkat is nearby. What a lovely video to watch – thanks Simon and BBC.

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