Izumi Ishii – From Dolphin Hunter To Bright Sea Whale Watcher

Izumi Ishii – From Dolphin Hunter To Bright Sea Whale Watcher

Izumi Ishii – From Dolphin Hunter To Bright Sea Whale Watcher – it takes great courage to go against family tradition and accepted cultural behaviour. It takes even greater courage to do so on behalf of animals – where sentient beings are NOT valued. Izumi Ishii has done just that in Futo, Japan.

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A Fascinating New Discovery About Dolphins

Dolphin Names – Really?

Few creatures in the animal world are as charismatic and beloved as the dolphin. In recent years, films such as The Cove, have brought them more into public consciousness. People are very aware of the Japanese slaughter of dolphins and animal welfare groups are trying to win greater protection for them world wide. Dolphins typically live in pods of between 10 to 30 members and they are known to have an elabortate communication system.

Dolphin Speak


In the wild, and it can easily be argued that dolphins should not be held in captivity for the amusement of humans,  they have active family groups and love to leap and jump and play. They are known to be incredibly intelligent, and in captivity, they are capable of  learning all the flips and tricks that human trainers demand of them. This video is especially amazing – in that these two dolphins design their own trick for the trainers.

This fact, combined with the Janaury 2013 publication by Proceedings of the Royal Society B, that dolphins call their close family members and buddies by name is astonishing. Dolphins routinely communicate through whistles, clicks, squawks and pulsing sounds – but the name call is a signature whistle. In the wild dolphins can communicate across distances of up to 12 miles.

Watch this 2011 video and really think about the implications of non-humans having a language of their own!

Whales – What Is All The Fuss?

Free Willy Tugged At Our Heart Strings!

This movie spoke to the amazing bond between a boy and a whale and the boy’s deep desire to see him freed. With a Hollywood ending Willy jumped an enormous sea barricade wall and swam off into the sunset. The real life of Keiko who played Willy was not so grand. He was captured in 1977  at one year of age and after stays in Iceland and Marineland in Ontario – Keiko was sold to Reino Aventura in Mexico City. Plagued by skin lessions and poor health – Keiki was nonetheless the star of Free Willy in 1993.

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Dolphins – They Are So Cute. Who Would Hurt Flipper?

Remember Flipper – The Adorable Dolphin!

One of the iconic creatures of the sea – the dolphin is a striking mammal found in waters all over the world. With over 40 species worldwide – he is closely related to the whale and the porpoise. Dolphins feed on fish and squid and live in pods – some of which have hundreds of members. They are intelligent – funny – and engaging. They are blessed with acute hearing and sight and love to playfight and jump.

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